‘Bachelor Pad’ Melissa Schreiber and Blake Julian Review

( September 25, 2011

Bachelor Pad  ‘Bachelor Pad’ Melissa Schreiber and Blake Julian Review

‘Bachelor Pad’ Melissa Schreiber and Blake Julian Review

“I think Blake is shady, two-faced, and very selfish.” Michelle Money used these words to describe Blake’s character after Melissa Schreiber was eliminated from the “Bachelor Pad.”

How accurate was her depiction of his character? You can decide for yourself.

Blake Julian, a 28-year-old dentist, was not interested in Melissa.

However, when he saw the potential to pocket the game’s $250,000 prize, Blake expressed a sudden change of heart, and developed a new fascination with Melissa.

Melissa Schreiber, a 32-year-old waitress, stood out among the other contestants; she had a proud posture and a gentle curl in her blond hair.

Her romance with Blake seemed unnatural at first. However, his charm eventually had an effect on her.

Between scenes, tenderness revealed itself, a special intimacy; the two shared experiences.

Even through the drama and the scandal as other girl flirted and partied with Blake, there seemed to be something real occurring between camera angles.

When the studio lights lit up Blake’s face, he only smirked and dismissed Melissa. He tried to distance himself from their partnership, saying that her emotions had compromised her. Melissa refused to accept what he had to say.

She felt passion, even through blindfolds, even through hardships.

On camera, Blake claimed not to care for Melissa. He said things about her that he would not say to her face, boasting of his superiority over her, claiming to be surprised at her emotions and her attachment to him.

He laughed at her name like she was a joke to him. His strategy ended in disaster for their relationship. Blake’s lies and disloyalty devastated the partnership, ruining their chances of winning $250,000 prize.

Tears fell down Melissa’s face as the partnership fell apart. By the end of Episodes 4 and 5, Melissa Schreiber and Blake Julian were eliminated, respectively.

“Blake and I would go one-on-one off by ourselves all the time and talk and people didn’t see,” Melissa would later admit in her exit interview.

“There was a lot more emotion because there was a lot more said to me that unfortunately viewers didn’t get to hear and see.” She hints at their intimacy. “There was a lot more kissing; there was a lot more hugging; there was a lot more emotional stuff going on that no one knows about except Blake.”

Only Blake knew just how intense their romance was when the cameras were not on, and how far they went together in private. In Melissa Schreiber’s exit interview, she stated, “I think he puts it,” an amused pause, “jean jamming, actually.”

“There was definitely some of that.” When cameras were not looking, there was probably a bit more than just some.

“Bachelor Pad” is not for the faint of heart. Lies, backstabbing, betrayal, and deceit are a part of the game, and Blake Julian played the “Bachelor Pad” game at the expense of Melissa Schreiber.

Blake’s trash talking of Melissa behind her back was unprofessional and unnecessary.

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