“Devil’z Hide: The Disdain” Release Underway

[] Spin-Off “The Disdain” Prepped For MMP Publishing Direct Browser E-Reading

Devil%E2%80%99z Hide The Disdain Release Underway “Devil’z Hide: The Disdain” Release Underway

“Devil’z Hide: The Disdain” Release Underway









O’ Fallon, MO (MMP Publishing via Kuneo Koei) ( December 27, 2011

The [Devil’z Hide] story extension titled, “The Disdain” is scheduled for debut via direct browser e-reading.

Inside the book:

I. “She was in a daze, sick to her stomach — Rose rolled over and buried her head beneath the covers — The afternoon sun kept poking  through the blinds, a reminder that productive people didn’t stay in bed all day, a reminder that they got out and worked,  and didn’t spend the whole day hiding, afraid to come out.”

“Rose was starting to hate her husband.

She felt like a bird in a gilded cage.

She was trapped, and the people looking inward didn’t understand, didn’t care to, as it only upset whatever preconceived notions they held about the life she and Wally were living.”

“Outwardly, they were the perfect suburbanite couple, with 1.7 kids and a two car garage, but on the inside, they were sick, rotted to the core.”

II. “There was a basket full of dirty clothes by the basement’s door. Rose picked it up and peered down.

The bulb was out, and she did a double take; fog had settled at the base of the steps, What? She shook her head then headed down.

The basket grew heavy in her arms, and the stairs became endless.

The sound of tapping came again, finally stopping when her feet were safely on the concrete.

More fog rolled along the floor. Wally must have left a window open.

Pieces of furniture stuck up out of the mist like islands, and where the ceiling and the wall met, the angle was distorted, as if someone had stretched it, like taffy.”

III. “It wasn’t precisely Rose and Wally’s yard anymore. Chain- link fence topped with razor wire formed a sort of tunnel; it was darker now, and the fog had been replaced by a steady drizzle.

Rose ran barefooted towards the sound of the child; mud squished between her toes. She heard the whoosh of displaced air.”

- End of Excerpts –


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About “Devil’z Hide”:

“Devil’z Hide” is a Psychological (Survival) Horror Series written by Author and Poet Mary Margaret Park.

If you’re a Fan of David Lynch or Silent Hill (I and II, not the Chris Gans film) then you’ll have an idea as what to expect from this universe.

If you’re not a fan of the influences mentioned above then think of “Devil’z Hide” as a portal into the different dimensions of the human-psyche, portrayed through surrealistic-aesthetics and Japanese styled horror.

“Devil’z Hide” is not ‘Teen’ or “Slasher” Horror. In other words, there will be “no” machinegun toting cheerleader squads arriving to blow away zombies anywhere in these stories.



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