“The Wasteland” (Secret Silence) Expands Beyond UK Radio Debut

Hip-Hop Song “The Wasteland” Downloads Increase To Sixty-Percent From Initial Debuts

The Wasteland Secret Silence Expands Beyond UK Radio Debut “The Wasteland” (Secret Silence) Expands Beyond UK Radio Debut

“The Wasteland” (Secret Silence) Expands Beyond UK Radio Debut







Saint Charles, MO (Sekrett Scilensce Associates via Kuneo Koei) ( December 27, 2011

“The Wasteland” by [Secret Silence] has seen increased downloads since the UK debuts, serving now at 60% above initial direct downloads at launch.

Product Notes:

On the verge of collapse, the societies of our planet scramble, seeking refuge from the fear and uncertainty that has become reality; through this panic, one song brings resolution, teaching survival and perseverance to a generation, ‘lost in the storm.’

- Product Notes End –

The song, political and unlike the ‘party-going’ aesthetic of modern Hip-Hop/Rap recordings, takes listeners deep into the ongoing mind-war between competing corporate factions and main street, outlining the unbalanced nature of current economies and Human development expectations.

The official web location is now revised and ready for both direct browser listening and e-mail delivery, leaving the option for listeners to hear the music at 320kbps (MP3) without having to choose to download any .ZIP files at first.

With many other Secret Silence titles being converted for cross platform distribution, the continued success of “The Wasteland” is cited to pave the way for future releases to be delivered similarly, helping music enthusiast to break away from old-minded paradigms where distribution and selection is forced or monopolized.

The next release cited to follow is “Control”.


Sekrett Scilensce (Secret Silence) Engages FM Radio Playlist Managers With “The Wasteland”

About Sekrett Scilensce (Secret Silence):

Sekrett Scilensce is a composer and producer of Classical and Electronic Eurasian crossover music.

His primary instruments are Piano and Synthesizers.

He has also co-produced and distributed collaborative works for the publishing-industry (with a focus on licensing and acquisitions).



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