$1.5M of Humanitarian Aid Arrives in Kosovo, Announcing New Project to Send $5M

New York, New York – ( June 30, 2012

$1.5M of Humanitarian Aid Arrives in Kosovo, Announcing New Project to Send $5M

$1.5M of Humanitarian Aid Arrives in Kosovo, Announcing New Project to Send $5M

The Serbian diaspora organization, 28.Jun, today announced the arrival of $1.5 million worth of aid to Gracanica, Kosovo and the successful conclusion of the global ‘Boj za Kosovo’ campaign.

The 9-month long initiative witnessed Serbian communities in over 80 cities across 30 different countries unite in a joint effort to send humanitarian assistance to their homeland.

Gracanica’s Health Center voiced their appreciation in a statement issued on their website:

“The Medical Center Gracanica would like to express their gratitude to 28.Jun for their donation of medicine, medical equipment, surgical materials, and clothing in the value of $1.5 million intended for our health facilities…we are also thankful to all people of goodwill who participated in this 28.Jun-organized humanitarian action”.

The 40 ft., 11,000 lbs. container, holding medical supplies of over 3,000 individual items, is currently being processed by the director of Health and Social Protection of Gracanica, Bojan Todorovic, and his team.

He elaborated on the situation, “The goods are inside Kosovo and are being processed in customs in accordance with standard procedures.”

“The large quantity of items is making the process take longer than usual but we are doing a thorough job and are extremely thankful for the aid, which will be hugely valued by the people of Gracanica…Bojan Stojanovic, the mayor of Gracanica, made it his priority to oversee the safe delivery of the aid to the people in need and extended an invitation to 28.Jun president, Filip Filipi, to visit Gracnica so as to personally express his gratitude to the organization”.

The health facilities in Gracanica are responsible for providing medical assistance to the 40,000 Serbs living in isolated enclaves south of the Ibar River.

Encouraged by the success of the ‘Boj za Kosovo’ campaign, 28.Jun chose the Serbian holiday of Vidovdan to announce an even more ambitious project: ‘Srpske zemlje, Srpski rod’.

The new initiative aims to send $5 million in humanitarian aid to Serbian people in Serbia, Republika Srpska, Montenegro, Kosovo and Krajina.

Three containers, each valuing $1.5 million, will be sent to Serbia, Republika Srpska and Montenegro.

Children’s hospitals and refugee shelters are the main candidates to receive the aid in Serbia and Repubilka Srpska while medical centers in regions where the vast majority of the population declared themselves as Serbian are being explored in Montenegro.

Additional aid in the value of $500,000 will be sent to Serbs in Northern Kosovo and Krajina.

Extensive surveying has been conducted to determine how to best engage the diaspora and fundraisers are now planned in over 100 cities around the globe where sizable Serbian communities reside.

Donations have been pledged by numerous Serbian athletes, celebrities, and businesses.

“No one believed we could obtain so much aid and deliver it to Southern Kosovo, yet we overcame every obstacle imaginable. Now that we have proven ourselves, we hope Serbs worldwide recognize that 28.Jun is doing something truly special and that our causes are worthy of their support,” stated 28.Jun President, Filip Filipi.

About 28.Jun

Merely a year after having been founded, 28.Jun has emerged as the predominant Serbian diaspora organization.

Boasting over 25,000 fans on Facebook and over 12,000 followers on Twitter, the young organization has received the support of the Serbian Orthodox Church as well as Serbian athletes, singers, and business owners.

28.Jun is a student-driven Serbian organization engaged in political, social and philanthropic functions pertaining to Serbian interests. Previous campaigns have included the boycott of the Chelsea Handler program as part of an anti-defamation initiative following her xenophobic comments about Serbia.

Similarly, 28.Jun objected to the demonetization of Serbs propagated by Angelina Jolie’s film “In the Land of Blood and Honey” and played a significant role in the cancellation of her film release in Serbia.

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