300 Injured and 18 Dead in German Love Parade

Dance Festival Germany

18 Dead in Love Parade

Close to 1.4 million people attended the German organized Love Parade concert to dance to some of the biggest names in the DJ world.

The event which took place at Duisburg, near Duesseldorf was first started in 1989 as a political demonstration for peace and understanding through music and dance. Since its inception it has attracted major crowds who are united in political issues and use music and dance to bring these issues to the forefront of mainstream society.

The festival has since gone world wide with countries such as the U.S. Australia, Mexico, Switzerland, South Africa, the UK and many more running their own spin-off’s of the popular dance event.

This year’s event turned to tragedy, when 18 people were trampled to death and more than 300 others were injured, some critically. The death toll may well rise as news is still being waited upon on for those that were critically injured and how they will fair over the coming days.

Organizers for the event, which includes the Local German Government, are now being criticized for the way certain security measures were put in place. In particular the entrance which was a closed in tunnel that the massive crowds had to make their way through. This has now been considered too small and confined for such a large and excited crowd to slowly make its way through.

The tragedy occurred as police tried to close the tunnel down and attempted to turn the traffic inside it back with loudhailers. This caused the huge crowd already inside the small confined space to start to panic to the point of losing control and people were trampled to death.

Many who survived the tunnel tragedy directly blamed organizers and the police for the deaths. People in the crowd were heard calling out to police prior to the panic that it was too overcrowded in the tunnel and it was very dangerous.
It is still not certain as to whether this was why police tried to turn the crowd back in such a closely confined space.
German officials have launched an investigation into the disaster.

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