50,000 Plus Affected by Floods and Landslides in China

Landslides and flooding devastate China

Northwest Gansu Province hit by flooding

Torrential rains which teemed down over Saturday night have caused massive landslides throughout the highly populated northwest Gansu province.

So far 80 people have been confirmed dead with more than 2,000 missing among the thick sludge of mud and debris. Rescue efforts have been hindered by the badly damaged terrain caused by the floods. Reports are surfacing of rescuers being unable to drive or even walk through the water soaked area.

More than 50,000 civilians have been affected by this natural tragedy that has buried many homes under landslides. Authorities have reported that half the county is submerged under the fast moving waters.

There have been reports that in some areas of the county flood waters have reached residential apartments as high as the fifth floor. Thousands are searching for family and friends throughout the devastated area.

Chinese Authorities are calling this the worst natural flood disaster since 1998 and have strengthened rescue and relief operations. The defense ministry has also dispatched 3,000 soldiers to assist the local civilian authorities with ongoing operations.

Power outages throughout the area are also hampering relief operations and making it difficult for an official assessment of exact numbers missing or deceased. Over 45,000 people have been evacuated too safety so far with many more waiting for rescue.

Flooding in China this year alone has caused billions of dollars worth of damage. Over 800,000 homes have been destroyed, with nearly 10 million people being affected and needing evacuation.

These mind boggling numbers are on top of the 22 million acres of lost and damaged crops due to these ongoing and devastating floods.

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