700 Russians Now Dying Daily in Moscow City

Russian wildfires out of control

Russian attrition rate doubled

The Moscow Health Department has reported that up to 700 people are dying daily in Moscow City. Described by authorities as twice the normal attrition rate, it holds grave concerns for the large civilian population.

This higher rate of death is being blamed on the unusually dense smog from the out of control wildfires and coupled with the extremely hot weather temperatures.

Meteorologists believe these very unusual weather patterns will continue for several more days to come. The unbelievably high heat is being blamed on global warming, with Russia being the latest country to experience these growing severe weather conditions.

Russian Authorities have been criticised for their inadequate responses to the growing forest fire catastrophe. Especially of concern was the abolishment several months ago of the centralised woodland fire control system.

Forest rangers in Russia who are employed to spot fires have had their numbers slashed by more than half. Twice the number of currently employed fire spotters is what is usually required to keep a natural catastrophe such as this under control.

Catching the spot fires in the early stages is imperative to the overall process of wildfire containment and crucial to the saving of the abundant wild life in the affected areas.

According to official data the winter in Russia has definitely become warmer. With this greater warmth comes the higher possibility of more natural dangers and disease. This has been noted recently by medical experts from data establishing the growing spread of malaria and encephalitis throughout the world’s largest country.

These two tropical diseases were virtually unheard of in this mostly cold and freezing environment not long ago. Freshwater jellyfish which are more commonly found in warmer lakes and rivers are now being spotted in the unusually warm Moscow River as well.

These strange anomalies all point to a quickly changing environment that has global ramifications for all countries on the globe.

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