AFP Release Identity Fraud Awareness Survey to Australian Public

Australia – ( October 17, 2011

AFP Release Identity Fraud Awareness Survey to Australian Public

AFP Release Identity Fraud Awareness Survey to Australian Public

A one of a kind and unique identity fraud awareness survey has been released by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) today aimed at assisting the Australian public to better protect themselves and become more acutely aware of the serious consequences of identity crime.

Coinciding with National Identity Fraud Awareness Week (17-23 October) the survey went live on the AFP website today.

The survey has been developed in a friendly and easy to follow manner to help educate the general public on the importance of being identity crime aware.

Manager Special References Chris McDevitt said “identity crime costs the Australian community hundreds of millions of dollars each year and according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics at least five percent of the Australian population has been victim of personal fraud, of which one fifth was identity fraud”.

“Identity fraud is an emerging threat to Australia and is growing rapidly.

Be aware that identity fraudsters are specialists at manipulating their victims, including their trust, friendliness, loneliness, fears, concerns or financial situation”, Commander McDevitt said.

Multi-agency Identity Security Strike Teams (ISST’s) are hosted by the AFP in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

These specialist teams work hand in hand with state law enforcement partners, including financial institutions and government agencies to address the various issues involved with identity theft for financial gain.

Online crime gangs are extremely organized and well versed in using high-tech malicious software and viruses to compromise and gain access to computers within Australia and around the world.

The AFP’s High Tech Crime Operations unit deals specifically with these criminal organisations and there ever evolving illegal high-tech criminal activities.

The survey has been specifically designed to allow members of the public to test how vulnerable they are to identity crime and then to take the proper steps to protect themselves.

The AFP will broadcast a 30 second community service announcement on national TV for the month of October.

It will also be available on the AFP’s website to download and view from today.

To take the survey visit

For more information about identity fraud scams, and how you can protect yourself from identity fraud, visit the SCAMwatch website or call 1300 795 995.

To find out more about protecting yourself against identity theft, visit the Attorney-General’s Department website.


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