African Mango is the Key to Easier, Safer Weight Loss

( April 05, 2012

African Mango is the Key to Easier, Safer Weight Loss

African Mango is the Key to Easier, Safer Weight Loss

New study supports evidence that African Mango, an all-natural supplement, helps Americans manage cravings.

Appetite suppressants quite rightly have a bad reputation, but now a 100% natural product has been discovered which appears to quell cravings and reduce cholesterol at the same time.

The magic ingredient? African Mango, called “a miracle in your medicine cabinet” by Dr. Oz on the Oprah show, and backed up by a new study from weight loss experts

The benefits of African Mango were first discovered by hunters who would crush and eat its seeds to stave off hunger during a long hunt.

Now, modern scientific studies have backed up these claims: one recent study, featured on the Oprah show, reported an average weight loss of 28lbs in 10 weeks in a group taking African Mango extract, compared to just 5lbs in a group receiving a placebo.

VPRX Health conducted its own study to see whether the hype was true, and found that the experimental group lost an average of 10lbs over six weeks.

All participants reported fewer cravings, eating smaller portions, and finding it easier to stick to their diet.

“The weight loss industry is notorious for quick-fix solutions which are either damaging to health, or short-term measures which are impossible to stick to in the long term,” says VPRX Health founder Chloe Reid.

African Mango doesn’t directly cause weight loss, but helps people manage their cravings – meaning they can stick to a healthy diet and lose weight naturally, without needing to resort to extreme measures or deal with the depression of being unable to stick to their diet regimes.”

The key component of African Mango is an extract called Irvingia Gabonesis, which reduces the body’s resistance to a natural hormone called Leptin.

This makes the body’s leptin levels higher, which is known to reduce appetite, control cravings and promote steady weight loss.

African Mango isn’t a substitute for exercise or a healthy diet,” said Chloe Reid. “But in conjunction with these, it’s a healthy way of shifting weight faster and making your diet easier to stick to.” is a source of expert information to supercharge your health and appearance. To find out more about the effectiveness of African Mango, contact Chloe Reid at


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