Amazon the Future of Microsoft Bing’s Retail Portal?

Microsoft Bing Amazon the Future of Microsoft Bing’s Retail Portal?Anonymous sources in the Hi-Tech industry are at it again, sprouting innuendos and speculative insinuations that the mighty online retailer Amazon is in negotiations with the powers that be over at Microsoft Corporation about taking over the retail section of Bing, Microsoft’s search engine portal. In particular it’s shopping engine.

Could this be true? Would the world’s biggest online retailer have the savvy and resources to accomplish such an act? Many industry insiders say yes, especially in the advent of Microsoft closing down the cashback program that rewards online consumers for shopping on Bing. This alone has launched many controversial theories as to what Microsoft was up to in implementing these new moves in the continuing online search engine wars.

Microsoft, of course reserved their inalienable right to say “we do not comment on rumors or speculation from unsubstantiated sources”. A statement they have made many times over in the past until of course, they are ready to reveal their hand. In this high stakes online search engine poker game one wonders where the giant of them all Google is in all this.

The powers that be over at Google already have a very strong relationship with Amazon and the various sectors of online retail through their own ever developing portal. They are also known for not sitting on their hands while someone else picks up the juicy bits on offer within the mega online search engine industry.

One wonders where the auction giant eBay, with all it’s varied online retail interests is situated in these up and coming new developments and whether they might offer a viable solution for Microsoft’s Bing. Time alone will tell what the online juggernauts of our lifetime will do and the rest of us being mere online mortals can only do but follow on in this ever evolving game of cat and search.

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