American Idol New Season and No Simon

The hype for the new season of American Idol has commenced, with auditions beginning on 17th of July in Nashville. This is the first season the show will run without Simon Cowell and a replacement has still not been named.

What producers are hoping will be the big drawcard for this season is the new age limit for entry. This has been lowered from 16 years of age to 15 years and will most assuredly attract a wider combination of entrants.

Unofficially critics of the show are calling it “The next Justin Bieber search,” Justin himself was unavailable for comment as at the time of print. Ryan Seacrest who will continue to host the famous show announced it on his personal web site Monday,

This actually makes good sense when you think about it. Consider the demographics, particularly the age of the majority of viewers and those who actually take the time to vote on American Idol are in the younger age bracket. After all Justin Bieber did not become the famous young star that he is by your grandma buying his music cd’s.

The younger generation have been steadily getting a bigger say in what they watch, listen to and purchase. Marketing companies have long taken the younger generation seriously when it comes to product creation, branding and marketing. Also, kids like to watch other kids succeed. It gives them hope with their own personal ambitions and aspirations.

Let’s not forget another important point, most of the younger adults of today have a mobile phone and are not scared to use it. That’s exactly what is needed to vote with on the Idol, a phone and no age limit as long as you can text.

Have the producers hit the nail on the head with this gutsy move to try to pull back falling ratings and in turn keep the show more relevant? Could be! Time will tell and it will be interesting to see the amount of talent available from this younger pool of singing star wannabes.

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