Apple iPhone’s Antenna Saga Continues in the Courts

iPhone Apple iPhone’s Antenna Saga Continues in the Courts

iPhone problems with signal strength

Signal loss, antennas and the Apple iPhone, what do they all have in common? They are all starting to feature in lawsuits being filed by disgruntled shoppers who have purchased them.

The latest lawsuit to be filed was on Friday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. It was filed against Apple for misrepresentation through its marketing and advertising of the newly released iPhone 4 and in particular as it relates to the quality of the mobile phones antenna, the reception and related software.

The new iPhone and its signal loss continue to make headlines around the country. User forums are in a constant buzz with some users coming to Apple’s defense, while other accuse it of covering up the facts.

First consumers were told to hold the phone differently when using it, or to buy a rubber case. Later they were informed by Apple that the software that calculated the signal bar strength was incorrect and a software update was to be released soon.

But some consumers do not believe this latest piece of news released by the company and insist that it is a design fault within the hardware itself and not just a software fault that seems to have magically appeared as the reason behind all this controversy.

This alleged design fault occurs when the user places their hand, especially their left over a metal band running along the outside of the phone.

Apple still stands behind its product and stated that the antenna was the best that they have ever shipped. They also said the new software update would be adopting AT&T’s recommended formula to make the graphical antenna strength bars appear more accurately than they do now.

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  1. NYScientist

    This “case” is going nowhere.

    It’s like complaining that your toaster doesn’t pop up the toast when you want it to be there.

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