April Fools Pranks for the Office Staff

St Andrews, CA – ( March 30, 2012

April Fools Pranks for the Office Staff

April Fools Pranks for the Office Staff

April Fools Day is coming and what better way to team build in the office then a day honored world wide for jokes and April Fools Day pranks.

“… the best ideas are born in fields of play”  according to new research by London Business School professor Babis Mainemelis and doctoral candidate Sarah Ronson.

Known for her humor and wit on her fitness website Fit TeleVision Online at Cynthia Carpenter has put some of that humor into a book for April Fools Day.

“So many of the April Fools Day Jokes I have read about can be quite mean, so I decided to put together a bunch of practical jokes that you can play at the office”

Rather than cover a co-worker in confetti made out of the paper shredder or sending them on a wild goose chase to a meeting that doesn’t exist, there are several April Fools Pranks in this little Kindle book that are just good clean fun and can involve the entire office staff.

Do you know how to make all the phones in your office complex ring at once?  Then hang up after only the first or second ring?

How do you make them all ring and keep ringing even after the phone has been answered?

The answer to that question is in Cynthia Carpenters new book “April Fools Pranks”

available as a Kindle download at

Its well known that team building can also build moral and good office moral can boost productivity.

So unleash the fun and get the whole office involved in this years April Fools Day.

“Morale can be fatal or helpful in determining your company’s overall viability and financial success.” says Dr. David G. Javitch, an organizational psychologist, leadership specialist.

It’s not too late to plan out your April Fools Day pranks.

Many of these pranks don’t require any preparation at all.  The ones that do need a little preparation are very economical.

Just remember though not everyone likes to be the butt of a joke, so please respect that and choose your target wisely says Carpenter, April Fools Day isn’t about “getting back” or revenge.

Its a day for practical jokes and harmless fun.  Fun should be fun for everyone.

You can get more information by visiting Amazon and checking out the “April Fools Pranks” book, listed as book number B007PG4MMO


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