Artist Lili Andriani Unveils Earth Angels to Emotional Applause

QLD, Australia ( September 21, 2011

Artist Lili Andriani Unveils Earth Angels to Emotional Applause

Artist Lili Andriani Unveils Earth Angels to Emotional Applause

Professional artist ‘Lili Andriani’ who lives and works on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia is proud to announce her latest work of art the ‘Earth Angels’.

Lili describes it as two angels hovering serenely over the earth.

The Angels are floating in the Universe looking down upon the beautiful planet as a cleansing and healing symbol in this painting.

With all the destruction, both natural and man-made, the Angels are there for protection not only for Earth but for mankind as well.

The flowing material encompassing the Earth is an indication that the Angels are coming down from another realm and forming a loving protective cover around it and the colour manifests the passionate state of the scene.

Lili’s interest in Art started when she was just 5 years old. Since then she has integrated her artistic nature throughout her life, both private and professional. “It has always been a part of me and has made me who I am today,” stated Lili.

“I feel very privileged to be an artist that lives her truth by passion to create from the soul, and having the luxury to do so as a fulltime occupation.

Until the opening of her art studio in Ashmore Plaza Shopping Centre, where she creates on the premises, she never realized how much of an impact her art really made on the people passing by.

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“This has been a great opportunity to liaise with the people in my community as a ‘one on one’ approach of open communication that has created a more personal relationship and understanding between us” said Lili.

This well known local artist feels humbly honoured by the admiring reactions and statements made about her work by local shoppers who frequent the Plaza.

She also receives huge encouragement from her fellow artists who state that she inspires them to create outside the box. “How ironic, my studio is a box! But that does not cramp the size of my creative style” she says jokingly.

Hence the size and spiritual nature of the latest painting ‘Earth Angels,’ which is as high as the ceiling in the shopping centre, at 9 sq metres.

Her studio may be tiny, but she manages to create and display a good selection of her artistic work from there.


I Live to Create, I Create to Live


Lili Andriani’s artist statement reads “I live to create, I create to live”.

“I have never been as happy in my work as I am today, I truly feel blessed” says Lili.

Lili’s exquisite art work may be seen here.



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