Astrologer Suzan Hayden Reveals the Secret to Why Prince George Waited So Long to Be Born

Chicago, IL – ( August 17, 2013

Astrologer Suzan Hayden Reveals the Secret to Why Prince George Waited So Long to Be Born

Astrologer Suzan Hayden Reveals the Secret to Why Prince George Waited So Long to Be Born

Many people were excited about the arrival of the new prince and have noted the correlations between his astrological chart and his grandmother’s chart.

Princess Diana had many life challenges and some people have alluded that Prince George will have the similar challenges.

Suzan Hayden, Celebrity Astrologer has delved into Prince George’s chart and found more profound details which she has put on her website,’s, “Weekly Horoscopes” page, so her readers can read in depth into the Prince’s personality and influences.

“A natal chart is a stylized map calculated for the exact time and location of someone’s birth.

It gives incredible insight into the potential and personality of the person. I already know from his chart that Prince George is a quiet, reserved and needs privacy just like Princess Diana did.

He’s loving and loyal to his family, his mother, friends, culture, the downtrodden and his country” says Hayden.

“However, I was also able to find the deeper secrets of what makes Prince George tick, including why he waited so long to be born.”

Prince George is a fascinating personality that will keep our interest for years to come. So when it’s time for him to take on being the King of England he’ll make a sacrifice which will show in his personality just prior to that special day.”

In her book, Star Power Astrology (Your Red Carpet Guide To Living A Totally Fabulous Life), Suzan Hayden merges traditional astrology with today’s pop-culture to give readers a peek behind the astrological velvet curtain of historic men and women along with current megastars.

Readers can decode their own spiritual DNA by comparing their personality charts to the charts of superstars.

The book is written in basic how-to language, so the reader doesn’t need prior experience to learn how to read their own chart.

“When you read my book, you will find that even the superstars have had similar childhood traumas as many of us did. After reading my book you’ll be encouraged and motivated to walk down your own red carpet to a successful and a happy life,” says Suzan Hayden.

About Suzan Hayden
Astrologer, speaker, life coach, employee counselor, and author Suzan Hayden has worked with astrology for over 23 years. Born in Chicago, Suzan’s began her career as a classical singer, studying and performing in London and Austria.

However, an astrology reading in Ireland changed the course of her life.

After the reading, she studied astrology for three years and then became an astrologer herself, in hopes of bringing clarity and insight to her clients and making the world a better place.

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