Attention All Awesome Authors: Sakura Publishing Wants You!

( October 23, 2011

Attention All Awesome Authors: Sakura Publishing Wants You!

Attention All Awesome Authors: Sakura Publishing Wants You!

New and Independent Book Publisher is Looking Only for Authors with Motivation and Creativity to Embrace a New Style of Publishing.

Derek Vasconi, the CEO and founder of Sakura Publishing, has decided to create a new style of book publishers, one that involves allowing the authors to have control of their books and how they present them to the world.

To do so, he has created a simple system in which all marketing and publicity is given free to any author accepted to be published by Sakura (which does involve a careful selection process to be considered) and the only services paid for are the ones the author can’t actually do for himself or herself, thus empowering the author with a sense of purpose.

Author Brian Gansmann, who recently finished his debut book, “Defeat Wheat” and an author signed to Sakura Publishing, explained how it works: “You join Sakura and are expected to write.

Derek takes care of all the other details but never makes you think it’s necessary to have any of the services, so in a sense, it’s not like a vanity press. Derek allowed me to really focus on what matters to me.”

Another key component is the pay as you go option, something no other publisher in the country seems to be doing for their authors.

“It’s fantastic,” said poet Sharday Cage, who recently released her book of poems entitled “Death of a Black Star,” on Sakura Publishing.

“I am able to get whatever I need and pay for it when I have the money and Derek and his staff still do the work. Who else really does that for you?”

Authors interested in Sakura Publishing can simply go to the website, send an email, and usually get a response in 48 hours, although most of the time it’s same day.

The process begins with discussing the author’s book and then deciding the best course of action after a few chapters are given for review.

If the author doesn’t have the book written, that’s not a problem either. “We start from where the author is at in their life,” says Derek Vasconi.

Sakura Publishing was founded in 2009 and designed to help anyone with a literary vision achieve it.

It erases the common excuse of not having money by inducting a pay as you go system for all authors.

What’s more, an author is not required to use any of the services if they already have everything ready and will still be allowed to get published and receive all the free publicity they can handle.

Authors services include ghost writing, book editing, book formatting, book cover design, website construction, and ebook conversion.

For more information or to contact Derek about his services, please visit Sakura Publishing’s website at


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