Australian Author Believes Mixed Genera Books the Future of Writing

QLD, Australia – ( July 09, 2012

Australian Author Believes Mixed Genera Books the Future of Writing

Australian Author Believes Mixed Genera Books the Future of Writing

Australian author and screenwriting teacher Stavros Halvatzis believes the future of writing will be unearthed as new authors create works that mix traditional publishing genera’s.

This change will create a new style of novel to be read in the future, a novel genera which would be hard pressed to find a place on the shelves of today’s bookstores.

Stavros Halvatziz, author of Scarab, has been more than willing to put his money where his mouth is.

His debut novel is a combination of the sci-fi and fantasy genera’s and since publication just over a year ago has sold over 20,000 copies.

“I see the future of writing and film being the exploration of new and exciting genera’s.

We are seeing it now. Books are being published that combine the elements of both historical and supernatural fiction.

Popular movies can include both cowboys and aliens.

The opportunities are endless for the creative writer” says Halvatziz during an interview from his home is Queensland, Australia.

The exploration of new fiction genera’s couldn’t have come at a better time according to Thor Stonewell, author of Stone of Destiny, and founder of a popular online podcast.

“I think Stavros is absolutely right.”

“We are seeing the evolution of writing as a means of entertainment all around us.Much of this is a direct result of the environment created by companies like”

“Books that ten years ago wouldn’t have seen the light of day are suddenly bypassing traditional channels of publishing and going strait to digital downloads… and the people are voting with their dollars and purchasing them!”

Stonewell speaks from a position of knowledge on the subject.

His novel, Stone of Destiny, was first published as a digital download available through

Only after interest for the story was verified did Stonewell choose to publish traditionally as well.

So, while you may have grown up reading the words of Harry Potter or watching the magic of Star Wars, don’t be surprised if your future posterity grows up reading books about wizards in coffee shops, or romantic Jane Austen-esque tales of romance that take place on the moon.

The question truly is what will they think of next?

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