Australian Federal Elections Lead To Political Stalemate

Julia Gillard and Tony Abott

Australian Federal Elections Lead To Political Stalemate

With both party leaders refusing to admit defeat and looking towards the Independents for the support needed to form a minority government, the primary vote of the Australian Federal Elections ended in a fizzle late night.

With three quarters of the vote already counted, there is still no clear winner. It is just to close to call at this moment and it all could come down to which candidate is more adept at wooing the independents who have control of 4 crucial seats.

Labor who started off the night controlling 88 seats has ended up so far with only 72 seats. Having lost the important seat of Melbourne to the Greens, it now appears the party may also lose the Tasmanian seat of Denison to an independent.

Tony Abbott leader of the Liberal National Party has stated that this is a clear indication that the Australian public is ready for a real government to take control.

The current Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Sunday in an interview from Melbourne has stated that she sees the latest election developments as an indication that the public of Australia is ready for changes in the political theatre.

The Prime Minister went on to state that she saw this latest turn of events as more of a positive opportunity to listen and work with the Australian public. The political process was changing and evolving within the Australian landscape and Labor was prepared to keep up with such changes.

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s axing has been brought to the forefront as political suicide by the Labor Party on many occasions. Now even more so with the confirmed swing against Labor in the state of Queensland where Mr. Rudd himself comfortably held on to his Brisbane seat of Griffith.

For any Australian Government to be effectively formed, a 76 seat majority is required. With neither party having effectively reached this position through the judicial voting process, it is now left up to negotiation and arrangements with those who hold on to the remaining seats.

The political effectiveness of a governing party holding a minority in the senate is still a matter of contention.

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  1. Gus

    Liberal has always given us a strong economy, and a social balance can’t be achieved without it, an economy breakdown in any given government will create social concerns. We can’t afford to decide the future of a country by emotional decisions.

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