Australian Internet Access by Mobile Phone Users Grows by 63 Percent

Australia – ( December 15, 2011

Australian Internet Access by Mobile Phone Users Grows by 63 Percent

Australian Internet Access by Mobile Phone Users Grows by 63 Percent

Internet access on mobile phones continues to grow dramatically in Australia, with nearly 4 million users in the month of June accessing online services and the ever expanding ‘apps market.’

According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) website this is a 63 percent increase on the month of June 2010.

Smartphone apps accounted for 72% of online user downloads in the six months to April 2011.

These latest findings were included in a report published by the ACMA today and titled: The emerging mobile telecommunications service market in Australia.

While 3G phones still held the majority of the mobile phone market in Australia, young Australian adults were starting to lead the way with smartphones accounting for 59% of that younger section of the market.

“The rising popularity of smartphones, in parallel with increased mobile phone data allowances and network capabilities, is encouraging the accessing of online services by mobile,” said ACMA Chairman, Chris Chapman. “The mobile phone is a fully fledged participant in the digital economy, as it is becoming a converged device that more and more consumers use to access functions other than just voice.”

“Internet access has become an integral feature of the mobile phone, and this has been complemented by the development of an array of mobile applications–which allow users access to specific services at the touch of a screen.” Mr Chapman went on to say.

Online banking and general shopping led the way in mobile phone applications (apps) as the most sought after and downloaded applications.

Mr Chapman went on to say that these mobile apps have the potential to disrupt the current industry models that so many leading brick and mortar financial and shopping institutions have relied on in the past.

The overall gain in popularity of smartphones along with the enhancement of network capabilities and the ever increasing data allowance now being offered by competing service providers has led to this new technological trend of changing the way the everyday person conducts personal transactions in their everyday lives.

The advent of the touch screen has been a major contributor to this ever escalating trend in the way we do things.

Social networking sites also made up a greater majority of mobile phone Internet usage, as more people are being enticed to share their everyday lives and events with others online in real time.

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