Australian National Broadband Network Rollout A Long Awaited Initiative

Australia ( May 20, 2011

Australian National Broadband Network Rollout A Long Awaited Initiative

Australian National Broadband Network Rollout A Long Awaited Initiative

Reports of a low number of people switching over and implementing the new National Broadband Network on the Australian mainland are greatly exaggerated, misleading and ironic according to the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Senator Stephen Conroy.

Today the Minister revealed that the residents of Armidale, NSW a rural country town with a population of over 25,000 people had seen an unprecedented 88% of residents sign up to have the new optic fibre connected to their homes.

“I was delighted to be in Armidale to meet local residents, teachers, business owners and health professionals who are all ecstatic about the NBN arriving in their community,” Senator Conroy said.

The Minister went on to say that negative media reports on the level of interest shown by the Australian public on the mainland were incorrect and did not take into account initial testing and the fact of the decommissioning of the old copper network as per the new agreement between Telstra and the NBN Co.

“As you would expect, before NBN Co starts connecting customers they need to ensure the network is working without any glitches or problems. The NBN Co carried out this initial testing in the lead up to yesterday’s launch and from now on more people in the Armidale footprint will be connected.

“This is a responsible and sensible approach and it’s a shame some sections of the media can’t recognise this.” He said.

For the majority of Australians who have put up with these antiquated second rate communications and associated outrageous charges, this new Federal government broadband rollout initiative can only sound like a breath of fresh air.

For way too long the Telco empires have had it too easy in deciding what the Australian public needed and could afford in the way of charges and quality of communications.

No more will people have to put up with one suburb or street having the latest and greatest technological Internet access while close adjoining neighbour’s in the same suburb and even the same street (just living on the wrong side of the road) have little or no access due to exchange limitations.

‘Exchange capping’ is the official term (restricting exchange access to other Internet service providers) and this new national broadband rollout will finally hopefully put an end to this most draconian of communication business practices.

The Australian society whether regional or rural, deserves a better national Internet communications system. Not only to be on a closer par with the rest of the developed world, but to help and develop both educational and business standards at the very least.

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