Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Reflects on International Women’s Day

Canberra, Australia ( March 07, 2011

Prime Minister, Julia Gillard
australian prime minister julia gillard 2 Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Reflects on International Women’s Day

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Talks to Soldiers During Natural Disaster Clean-up

Women like me are lucky – the positions we hold are based on the efforts of so many courageous women not only in the century since the first International Women’s Day but through history.

They worked to improve all aspects of all women’s lives: equality before the law and in the workplace; access to services like health and childcare; freedom from violence and coercion; the right to chart our own lives and careers.

Above all, those women fought for every woman, every girl, to have education.

Education is one thing no person can ever take away from us – the one thing all our opportunities rely on.

My Government is building on this platform, delivering our country’s first national Paid Parental Leave Scheme, increasing child care benefits and boosting women’s economic security through the introduction of the Fair Work Act and superannuation reforms. And I’m determined to make sure every child in Australia gets a great education.

So we remember the hard work of women in the last hundred years whose efforts shared opportunity with all of us – and we dedicate ourselves to work just as hard to share opportunity with all women today.

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