Author Does Modeling for His Internet Company

Rupansh, author of ‘The Sojourn’ models for FEYDEN

( April 29, 2012

Author Does Modeling for His Internet Company

Author Does Modeling for His Internet Company

The author of the acclaimed book, ‘The Sojourn’ knows no limits.

After the immense success on the book on secrets of the universe, he posed as model for his company, Feyden ( ).

Rupansh ( ), the author, also has the valued qualifications of chartered accountant, master financial analyst, master of business administration.

But his area of expertise obtained by his qualifications and talent for writing did not stop him to venture further to pose as a model for Feyden.

The company which started in 2011 with a vision to provide a complete platform to everyone at no cost, gained all the more prominence when Rupansh’s advertisement for the same came out.

In an interview, Rupansh told that the company is in no hurry to have a large number of members.

The site is on an invitation basis and is restricted to a few at present.

The company wants to make sure that everything in the site is working well and wants to get feedback from its users to improve it further.

Rupansh also did an advertising campaign for his book, ‘The Sojourn’.

The poster was released for promotional purposes and soon got spread among many.

On being asked if he wants to do any modeling campaigns in future, he said that he is very busy working on his upcoming novel and music album, ‘Aziende’, but if he gets some good projects, then he will definitely like to work on them.

Presently, he is also a partner in chartered accountants firm, AGASS – Ashwani Gupta and Associates (

Truly, there are no limits for this energetic young man and he is willing to do everything to make his dreams a reality.

He is a true inspiration for everyone and is setting high standards for the youth of his generation.


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