AutoTooth is Set to Change the View on Home Automation

Sao Paulo, Brazil – ( June 25, 2013

AutoTooth is Set to Change the View on Home Automation

AutoTooth is Set to Change the View on Home Automation

Rapiz Informatica, a rising Brazilian IT company announces the debut of the AutoTooth home automation product.

Running on Bluetooth Technology the Autotooth Smart Plug is a simple Automation device that fits between the device plug and the wall power socket.

It allows the user to control it by turning it off and on via a Mobile app or through a web API.

AutoTooth is rapidly changing the game of home automation, while promising to deliver an incredible service at an affordable price.

Over the years home automation has become common practice and accepted by thousands. It takes a basic home and turns it into the home of the future.

Normally, home automation can be an invasive process and quite expensive, with installation preferable at the time of construction.

AutoTooth changes all of that instantly. Rapiz Informatica, the company that created AutoTooth, has changed the home automation game with their new product.

No matter what the device or technology is, AutoTooth can automate the home. It is a simple design that utilizes the power outlets that are already located in the home.

Once this is done, the home will be automated! A smart phone device can also be used to control the dwellings lights and turn them off and on.

Rapiz Informatica will also be updating this incredible product for use through a web API. With its simple design and ease of use, the AutoTooth is perfect for anyone that wants to automate their home.

The AutoTooth device is changing the way home automation is viewed and most certainly is the next step in making the home of the future.

People will no longer have to manually turn lights on or off. They can do it from their smart phones and eventually, will be able to control their entire home with it

About Rapiz Informatica
The Rapiz Informatica company was established 18 months ago in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Its main work falls within the IT industry, where it focuses on developing innovative products which bring change.

Home automation used to be a hassle, but AutoTooth has made it a breeze. For those thinking of automating their home, now is the time to do it.

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