Backlink Service from U.S. Based Link Oracle Drives Traffic to Business Websites

( October 22, 2011

Backlink Service from U.S. Based Link Oracle Drives Traffic to Business Websites

Backlink Service from U.S. Based Link Oracle Drives Traffic to Business Websites

Link Oracle announces their new competitive backlink service prices for driving traffic to business websites.

The backlink service firm challenges foreign competition to beat them in quantity and quality.

“No one can compete with us on high quality and price,” said Link Oracle’s Marketing Engineer Shannon Hutcheson.

“Companies in India have low prices but inconsistent quality, while other U.S. companies have quality but can’t match our prices.”

Hutcheson says Link Oracle’s value proposition centers around Link Oracle’s affordable backlinks. It’s an unstoppable combination of bespoke service and attractive rates for business owners.

For businesses unfamiliar with backlinks: “Search engines use the number of backlinks that a website has as one of the most important factors for determining that website’s search engine ranking,” according to Wikipedia. They are essential for driving traffic to any business website.

Backlink services can be confusing for business clients because they don’t know how backlinks work.

Because the terms and methods are complex, Link Oracle believes in maintaining its operations in the United States to better serve its business clients.

However, backlinks are not so nebulous in their results. When tracking the rankings of their business websites, one client immediately realized success:

“btw i have some crazy news… about my debt settlement site. Its at 28k links right now. I started getting a few leads a day. You know why? #4 on bing and yahoo for debt relief, debt settlement, credit card debt relief, credit debt,” wrote user Rami Abramov.

Link Oracle’s ethos is that the success of our clients relies on the formula: “Quality + Quantity = Rank,” where quality is the same thing as relevance.

“We always start with Google relevance. Google will tell you what it thinks is relevant and we go from there.”

All of the backlinks posted by Link Oracle are sanitized of any objectionable material (porn, pharmaceutical ads) and malware.

“Most companies are not even aware that this is an issue,” Mr. Hutcheson said, “but the fact is you do not want links from these bad neighborhoods.”

Hutcheson said the concern is important when marketing on a large scale: “We keep a database of the sites that will accept our customers’ links,” he said, “but we are careful of the sites we accept so purity is maintained.”

Thus, any business that wants their website immediately ranking on the top of Google should consult Link Oracle first for high quality backlink service.

Link Oracle’s commitment to SEO understanding and affordable rates makes them tough competition for backlink service.


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