Bandana Fever Recreates Rapper Tyga’s Bandana Shirt

( June 19, 2013

Bandana Fever Recreates Rapper Tyga's Bandana Shirt

Bandana Fever Recreates Rapper Tyga’s Bandana Shirt

Leading design house Bandana Fever, has stepped out of the box and manufactured a paisley styled shirt made famous by local Los Angeles rapper Tyga.

The new clothing design has been a great success and is creating major buzz.

The fashion company has only recently started experimenting with more aggressive designs and taking risks as far as their designs go.

It only took a simple request from one would-be buyer and future customer to get Bandana Fever to try something new, unique, stylish, and out-of the-box and it has paid off tremendously.

The style design company has created a masterpiece that has turned heads and surprised even it’s most cynical shoppers, by recreating Tyga’s infamous bandana printed button up long-sleeve, worn in his video “Do My Dance”.

Previously, Bandana Fever had played it safe and designed for the masses with basic simple patterns and letting the bandana prints cover small areas of t-shirts and button up shirts.

Their focus was to keep things simple as far as the design was concerned, quick to manufacture and affordable.

The look for the shirt in question was daring with plenty of attitude. It was difficult, time-consuming, and painstaking to assemble.

It would have been easier to make a shirt from scratch, but that’s not what Bandana Fever is all about.

They’re known for taking established brands and basic clothing such as button up shirts, t-shirts, and sneakers and turning those canvases into works of fashion art.

Is it the easiest thing in the world to do? Not by a long shot. Is it going backwards in the way of creating clothes? Not by any means.

This is what the Bandana Fever brand is all about, the challenging approach with focus on turning the average clothing item into something visually creative and appealing.

The Tyga Bandana shirt is not just your basic button up hidden underneath another fabric pattern. It’s much more.

The colorway and placement of the bandana scarves used to make the shirt are everything.

The wrong colors and boring placement could’ve thrown the shirt off altogether, but because of the attention to detail, the design works.

The dark colors are accented with the bold red and bright white colors used in the design on the front and back and even underneath the cuffs.

You would never know it started out as a basic Dickies long-sleeved work shirt.

About Bandana Fever
Bandana Fever as a company and design house has been around 10 years designing and customizing clothing for the urban underground market via its online store.

Bandana Fever is offering this particular shirt as well as alternate colors of the same design with free shipping and accepting online payment from PayPal.

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