Best Hair Loss Product – Better Than Rogaine?

Diamond Bar, California – ( April 04, 2012

Hair Loss Cure - Moné Hair Releases New Herbal Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Cure - Moné Hair Releases New Herbal Hair Loss Treatment

Research has shown that over 50 million people in the United States alone suffer from hair loss.

Brand name companies who sell hair loss creams, pills, and liquid gels have mixed reviews and often do not work at all for some people.

In addition, the majority of these companies use the chemical minoxidil, which is known to cause more hair loss with discontinued use.

These toxic chemicals are harmful for hair follicles in the long-term and are not recommended for use by leading doctors.

With health becoming an increasingly popular global topic, herbal and organic products have seen a rise in popularity and demand.

Moné Hair is an herbal company that is focused on curing hair loss for all ages, genders, and ethnicities.

The foundation of the company has always been to provide the healthiest ingredients in its products.

Its hair loss supplement uses a special combination of active herbal ingredients.

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The solution has provided successful results for its customers and is gaining immense popularity due to its herbal and organic topical base ingredients.

Moné Hair’s herbal product has been clinically proven to regrow hair healthier and thicker, revitalize hair follicles and reverse the progression of hereditary hair loss.

It also prevents dandruff. Chemotherapy patients are also encouraged to use Moné Hair to help with the process of regrowing hair on the scalp.

Most importantly, no chemicals, such as minoxidil are used because tests have shown that using organic ingredients are far more effective and healthier for hair restoration.

“We’ve finally created a healthy solution for people experiencing hair loss,” states Moné Hair’s CEO James Yoon.

“I understand how frustrating it is buying all these products that claim to work, and wasting hundreds of dollars on ineffective products.”

“I highly recommend Moné Hair for those looking for an organic and natural hair loss treatment, that actually works.”

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About Moné Hair:

Founded in 2011, Moné Hair is an award-winning herbal hair loss treatment company.

Its premiere hair loss product contains organic and herbal ingredients, for stronger and healthier hair. No chemicals are used, promoting healthy and natural hair regrowth.

Its core philosophy has always been to provide purely organic products for its customers, for the purpose of green initiatives and healthy lifestyles.


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