Best Selling Book for Artists – Sell Your Art Online

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 06, 2010 – Best selling book – “Sell Your Art Online” review.

Selling your art online

Sell art on Ebay

Brett Raven is the author of the highly successful book “Sell your art online.”

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An accomplished artist in his own right, Brett was always on the search for how to sell his artistic creations on the Internet. His ultimate goal was to make a fulltime living by turning his artistic skills from a hobby and into a business which would support his growing family.

A number of years later and Brett Raven has succeeded in this online business venture of selling art on the Internet and in particular through the powerful online giant Ebay. All that Brett has learnt is now condensed in to an easy to follow book that takes the reader from beginning to end of how to successfully sell art online.

As the book goes on to explain, many artists never even think to sell their artistic pieces online. While others who try to sell their art on Ebay and the Internet become lost in a world of confusion and trial and error mishaps that can drain the most ardent of well intended desires.

This well laid book includes:

  • Themes that sell really well. I give you a big list and even rate them!
  • Big mistakes being made by artists who sell on eBay.
  • Things successful artists are doing.
  • Talent: how even child-like art can sell.
  • Things to avoid when describing your art in your listings.
  • How to effectively expose your art to buyers.
  • Art image optimization techniques for better presentation
  • Pitfalls that many eBay artists get themselves into.
  • and much more…

Click Here to find out more on how to sell your art online.

Many struggling artists are now making a living thanks to the Internet and big auction sites like Ebay. Making money selling art on Ebay is a daily event for a lot of up and coming artists.

Not only do they make a nice living while working from home, but it is also a great way to advertise their creations to the rest of the world for a pittance.

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