News4us the Penny Auction Site Offers Super Bargains for All Bidders

( December 28, 2010 the Penny Auction Site Offers Super Bargains for All Bidders the Penny Auction Site Offers Super Bargains for All Bidders

Bidding at penny auction sites is becoming more and more common, because of the huge discounts. But in the excitement of it all, items can also go for ridiculous high prices, as people get carried away bidding against each other and overpay for products.

Computers, TV’s, electronics, games, watches, gift-cards and so on, are selling for over 90% discount in this new way of shopping that is booming all over the internet. is a penny auction site that started in the last few weeks with a new system.

Customers that join them and use their unique bidding system are virtually walking away with super bargains, because their system makes it impossible for anyone to over bid regardless of how exciting and contested the bidding gets. The bidding is controlled by capping the auction. Their system gurantees a bargain everytime, time, the auction has to finish somewhere below that Capped Price. No over paying guranteed.

One of the great aspects about their system is the security that it gives to any bidder, the comfort to know that there are no decoy-bidders also bidding, to increase the price, or make it look busy to add excitement. With capping the auction, the bidding cannot go beyond the BidCap Price, it would be suicidal for the site to use decoy-bidders, so you know that bidding is always fair and square whether it’s a win or a lose.

Another aspect of this system is that it always ensures the winner will get a Super bargain. Really there is nothing on the net like it. Recommended advice; is to get familiar with the system, it is only 5 minutes reading, and well worth the time.

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