Body Wrap Technicians Increase Customer Base with Shrinking Violet

Dallas/Fort Worth TX, USA – ( November 22, 2012

Body Wrap Technicians Increase Customer Base with Shrinking Violet

Body Wrap Technicians Increase Customer Base with Shrinking Violet

The Organic Salon and Spa industry has been witnessing a steady growth of more than 38% over the last three years as consumers become more informed about the potential health risks of traditional products containing chemicals.

The indication here is clear – consumer demand for chemical free solutions that work are at all-time highs, and Body Wrap Technicians that can meet this demand are seeing an increase in new and repeat clientele while earning premium revenues.

A key reason for this increase is the introduction of innovative products and services that offer non-toxic, sustained and proven results.

One such product that has been building a steady and loyal fan base is the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap.

Originally launched in the UK earlier this year by Julieann Parry, master formulator for the exclusive Tibby Olivier salon and spa, it’s taken the market there by storm, and has come to the U.S. with a proven track record against existing inch loss wraps.

Kim, the Marketing Director for Always Natural Health and Beauty Solutions, which exclusively retails the wrap in the U.S., says that the main reason this product has seen such success is because of its chemical free and long lasting fat loss results, making Shrinking Violet a game changer.

While Body Wraps have been around for many years the heat activated technology and unprecedented 20% Hydrolyzed Lecithin solution formulated by Julieann sets this one apart.

Working by a process called lipolysis that has been used by physicians for years as a surgical method to remove fat; Shrinking Violet now offers a chemical free non-surgical option that’s considerably less expensive and an excellent option for those seeking quick, pain free fat loss.

Most clients reduce by a size or more with each wrap with some seeing more dramatic losses.

Results vary depending on each client’s metabolism, however virtually all clients see noticeable results by the second wrap.

Since the fat within the cell is eliminated results remain unless the client continues the lifestyle that caused the fat to be produced.

Kim goes on to say that Body Wrap Technicians continue to report increased customer satisfaction, retention and revenue which keep them coming back for more.

Those interested in learning more about the Shrinking Violet body wrap or how to incorporate it into their business should visit:


Contact: Kim Crawford, Marketing Director

Phone: 800-295-3476 (toll free)



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