BP Pins Hopes on New Well Cap to Fix Gulf Eruption

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

New Cap To Fit Gulf Oil Well

Activity above and below the waves of the ill-fated oil well has escalated as new plans are being put in to action by engineers that could possibly finally put an end to the ongoing flow of crude in the Gulf of Mexico.

A new cap has finally been manufactured that is reported to be 30 foot high and weighing in at more than 100 tons. This new cap should allow for the total collection of all free flowing oil from the disabled well, and should be in place by the middle of the week.

The weather has improved allowing operations to go full steam ahead for this next time sensitive phase. Before the new cap can be properly fixed the old one will have to be removed to allow access to the damaged pipeline which needs to have extra bolts removed for the new cap to fit securely.

The obvious problem is that while the pipe is being prepared for the new larger cap to be fitted, the oil will be free flowing at full speed for days. Extra surface skimmers have been brought in to help collect the extra spill out as the delicate operations continue.

It is a case of having to make the problem worse to achieve a final fix to the ongoing problem. If all goes well this major environmental disaster may finally be coming under control of the authorities within 7 days.

If all does not go as expected due to weather or other unforseen circumstances then the operations team has a new looser-fitting cap called a top hat, on standby should the installation fail.

How much oil this plan B “top hat” would contain has not been reported and is possibly not known till it is installed.

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