Breaking News – Australia Changes To Asylum Seeker Policy

East Coast of Australia

Surfers Paradise, East Coast Australia

In breaking news from Australia over what has been a growing and controversial topic covering changes to the Governments Asylum seeker Policy. The new Prime Minister Julia Gillard addressed a packed press conference on the subject of border protection in a topic that is fast becoming pre-election political fodder.

In a clear and forceful speech that contained the words “moving Australia Forward” Ms Gillard quickly skimmed over a range of topics including the new deal struck with the mining industry that is still making waves as a Government back down and then leading on to the population growth within Australia and whether it could be sustained.

The Prime Minister went on to say that even though Australia was roughly the size of the United States of America, that unlike the U.S. it did not have the sprawling inland plains with their rich fertile soils for the needed population growth. More than 80% of the Australian population lives along the coast due to the dry arid interior.

A population strategy has been commissioned to help grow and steer new industries and jobs through sustainable Government policies on population growth.

The public outcries of “turn back the boats” have steadily been growing louder as more illegal boat loads of people arrive every week looking for sanctuary on Australian shores. Ms Gillard called this the opposition’s “rhetoric” and “hollow slogans.”

Gillard went on to say that the Government would work towards wrecking the people smuggling trade by removing the incentives for their boats to leave their waters of origin in the first place. Remove the profitability of the trade and at the same time from a humanitarian point of view, the dangers of the voyage.

This will be accomplished by taking a more regional approach of processing asylum seekers through regional process centers and with the help of the UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) this would tackle the problem at its origins and not on Australian shores.

East Timor and New Zealand were vital to the establishment of regional processing centers and Ms Gillard said both countries were open to further conversations and meetings on the subject.

Sri Lanka was mentioned and that the Australian government was immediately lifting the suspension on processing Sri Lankan asylum claims due to the overnight release of a new UN report.

The Australian Prime Minister went on to urge Sri Lankans not to pay people smugglers and risk their lives. The freeze on Afghan asylum seeker processing would still remain in place.

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