British Exterior Wall Coating Company Sends a Man to the Taj Mahal!

UK – ( May 17, 2012

British Exterior Wall Coating Company Sends a Man to the Taj Mahal!

British Exterior Wall Coating Company Sends a Man to the Taj Mahal!

Well-known UK House painters, Never Paint Again UK Ltd, are always looking for different ways to advertise and to reach more customers, using a variety of different media, and often a very different approach than that of their competitors.

In what can only be described as a brainwave, one day at their Plymouth office, the boss of the company decided to think as far “out of the box” as is remotely possible and sent someone all the way to the Taj Mahal.

Most people would think of that as someone running an errand to the local Indian take away in Plymouth city centre, but no, they actually sent someone to the REAL Taj Mahal, the famous landmark and wonder of the world, in India., to talk about their house painting services!

A video of the escapade can be seen here:

The Taj Mahal in India is one of the world’s most famous buildings, built in 1653 and taking a massive 22 years to build!

The company, who offer a special weatherproof house painting service, explained that as part of their constant research into new wall coating technology, they look at various examples around the world of OLD and traditional exterior wall coatings.

The Taj Mahal looks as pristine as when it was first built many hundreds of years ago, and it is this longevity that the company wishes to explore further.

Their famous NEVER PAINT AGAIN™ weatherproof long life wall coating products are designed to keep the walls of British houses maintenance and without the need for yearly painting, for up to 20 years, fully guaranteed.

The company hopes that one day they may learn enough from how the exteriors of ancient buildings have been preserved, in order to improve their domestic wall coatings to give even more long life and weather resistance.

They can be contact via their house painting website at

Never Paint Again UK Ltd.

The Business centre

2 Cattedown road.

Plymouth, Devon. UK PL4 0EG


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