Business on Line: College Kid Finds $8K in Less Than 24 Hours

( October 06, 2013

Business on Line: College Kid Finds $8K in Less Than 24 Hours

Business on Line: College Kid Finds $8K in Less Than 24 Hours

Bryan Spector, a senior college student at the University of Houston, discovered a commission loophole in the online investing world earlier last week.

For most of his life, Spector would tell his peers, “One day I will become a millionaire by doing business online” Most of his so-called friends ended up thinking he was crazy, leaving him in a deep depression and isolation for over one year.

During this hiatus, Spector spent months perfecting the loophole in hopes that he could duplicate his results for other people.

In less than 24 hours, Spector was able to do so and make $8,000 in one night after receiving calls from investors.

He claims that these results are not typical but are possible if you know what you’re doing… and that he can do it again by following three simple steps.

One of the steps, he says, was introduced to him after he met a twelve-year old kid that made $60,000 in one month.

Now Spector mentors visitors to his website, teaching them to work smarter and not harder, and showing them the three steps to financial success.

“It all happened when I quit my job and decided to do business online. I realized that many of us are enslaved by society, working more than 8 hours a day and not being able to live our dreams.

I didn’t want that life. People can call me crazy all they want, but they are crazy for wanting to be that slave…” said Bryan Spector, after wearing a blue cape, in an interview.

Of course, Spector is not your typical businessman, but neither is his paycheck or business online.

Maybe that uniqueness plays a role in what makes him so successful.

He says is more than willing to coach others that want to learn, but also states that “They must be serious with their business and with their life, otherwise I can’t help them.”

His secrets are being used by thousands of others, seeing similar results and claiming to have made more than $8,000 in a day as well.

Spector says that others can follow in his footsteps if they choose by visiting his website at

Here’s one of Bryan’s latest videos, uploaded the night that he made $8,000


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