News4us Offers Free Trial Offer to Help Smokers Discover the Many Benefits of the Future of Smoking

Scottsdale, AZ – ( May 21, 2013 supports the individual’s freedom to smoke. As part of the firm’s dedication to that belief, David Antestenis, the company’s CMO, announced that smokers can enjoy a free trial of the company’s electronic cigarettes by visiting by

“ products have a variety of benefits over traditional cigarettes,” said Antestenis.

“They don’t use any tobacco that contains harmful chemicals and they’re friendly to the environment. Electronic cigarettes represent the future of smoking.”

Those who avail themselves of the company’s risk free offer will receive everything needed to begin smoking the modern way, including an electronic cigarette, nicotine cartridges, battery and USB charger.

Buy An Electronic Cigarette’s risk free starter kit allows smokers to satisfy their cravings through the delivery of a measured amount of nicotine mixed with water vapor.

Electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco, so smokers aren’t inhaling the many dangerous chemical compounds found in conventional cigarettes.

Users exhale odorless vapor and can smoke in many locations where regular cigarettes aren’t allowed.


The benefits of a Buy An Electronic Cigarette are many, including:
• No pollution of the air, land or water with second hand smoke, ash or cigarette butts;
• Doesn’t cause chronic bronchitis, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, coughing or early death;
• Contains no tar, cyanide, carbon monoxide, butane, chromium, benzene, formaldehyde or over 4,000 hazardous emitted by burning tobacco;
• No bad breathe;
• Leaves no odor or sticky residue on clothing, furnishings or vehicle interiors that can be costly to clean;
• Requires no matches or lighters, eliminating the instance of accidental fires;
• Can be used by pregnant smokers.

Smokers spend billions on aids to help them stop smoking, from nicotine patches and gum to hypnosis, but with little success as they only address the act of smoking a cigarette.

Smoking is a social activity with psychological overtones.

Most ex-smokers report the most difficult part of giving up cigarettes was not having something to hold in their hand, which is why popular ways of giving up cigarettes often fail.
Buy An Electronic Cigarettes are being used in a variety of smoking cessation programs with a high degree of success.

They’re designed to resemble a regular cigarette as closely as possible so smokers don’t feel deprived and it provides them with something to hold in their hand.

A key component of most successful stop smoking programs begins by offering smokers an item to keep their hands busy.

Buy An Electronic Cigarette’s free trial offer provides smokers with a safe way to satisfy cravings that eliminates starting an accidental fire.

They provide users with a means of smoking in many venues where the practice has been abolished.

The firm believes in the individual’s freedom to smoke and offers an eco-friendly means to do it.

For more information, visit the website at

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