Calcium Could Harden Your Arteries as Well as You’re Bones

Calcium tablets Calcium Could Harden Your Arteries as Well as You’re Bones

Calcium Supplements and Cardiovascular Disease

New research into the popular supplements that many of us take, have now focused on the compound know as calcium. Calcium supplements are more commonly taken in tablet form by millions of people who are concerned about loss of bone density and specifically to help combat osteoporosis.

This degenerative disease is also called the silent killer as individuals do not even know they have it until they start to fracture their bones through the smallest of bumps or falls. The most common bone fractures due to osteoporosis occur in the hips, spine, wrist, ribs, the pelvis and the upper arm.

This is where the well known supplement calcium comes into play, especially among the elderly, who are more susceptible to this form of degenerative bone disease.

New research has now revealed that calcium may also have another unknown side effect, that of increasing cardiovascular disease. While the supplement may get into the bones and give them higher density and therefore greater strength against fractures in later life, it also gets into the blood.

These higher levels of calcium in the blood stream (Serum calcium levels) can lead to hardened arteries, which is one of the leading causes of the even more deadly cardiovascular disease.

This has now been firmly associated with increases in heart attacks. The new research covered over 12,000 people who were taking the calcium supplements over different periods of time.

The results may only show a modest increase as far as percentages go, but due to the wide spread usage of this form of vitamin it is still considered a cause for concern among medical professionals.

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