Can You Make Money With The New Social Profit Formula?

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Social Profit Formula

The people who are successful in making money online know that marketing to Social Media sites is an intrinsic part of their overall success and they use this knowledge to gain an advantage both in the marketplace and over their competitors.

Even the newest of Internet Entrepreneurs who want to make money should be aware of the fact that the Social Media Sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Myspace, Digg, etc are fast becoming the Internet Marketing playgrounds of the present, the future and far beyond.

Just recently Facebook made major headlines when it hit number one for traffic on the Internet in the period of a month, beating even the goliath of them all Google.

This was a real eye opener for many people in the business of making money online. You would not believe how many cages this one event rattled and how many online industry players changed tack and headed in this new direction. Times change very quickly on the Internet and so do the possible ways of creating capital. What works great one month can kill the ill-informed and ignorant businessman’s best laid plans overnight.

Enter Don Crowther, an already well known online affiliate marketing guru who turns over millions every year and his soon to be released new course Social Media Profits.

Don Crowther is fast becoming one of these knowledgeable entrepreneurs who can show the normal person aspiring to running a successful online business the dos and don’ts of taking on the massive Social Media sites and making money. Already an established author of the bestselling online product Smarts, he is now releasing his latest up to date product called Social Profit Formula.

Social media has fast become the hot buzz phrase with many courses, manuals and speakers on the subject. How to take advantage of what is being described as the next massive growth phase of the Internet is the hottest topic online today. Don has put together a course that is described as both complete and easy to learn.

The Social Profit Formula Course is made up of 6 modules, which are all taught through easy to follow videos. The use of video footage in courses has always been extremely popular among the masses, as it not only helps people learn the theory of a subject but it allows them to see it being executed. This visual approach also assists many learners greatly by motivating them to carry the theory over into action.

The six modules that make up this new course are:

Module 1: Social Marketing Quick Start

This module focuses solely on helping you to start making money using social media sites immediately. It follows a simple, proven system that will normally take around 20 minutes a day to complete.

This quick start guide is designed to show success as soon as possible, to help motivate and build confidence in working towards the later modules. It also includes a Status Syndicator tool which not only saves time but helps speed up your success.

The modules that follow build on the foundational system from Module 1, teaching additional techniques and formulas, plus helping you understand why each technique works, enabling you to easily adapt these formulas for your own business and interests.

Module 2: Microblogging

This module contains many social media tools that the user will be taught to master. Microblogging is the easiest and fastest way to build a profitable source of traffic and credibility. It covers how to build a tightly-targeted audience and being able easily communicate with them in a way that not only creates trust, but that trains them to consistently carry out specific actions.

It also includes a social media tracking tool for real-time tracking of keywords that are hot in the market at any time.

Module 3: Content Sharing Sites and Blogging

A well designed blog is an important part of any successful social media project. This module teaches how to optimize a blog and turn it into a cash producing mechanism which can send tons of pre-sold traffic to your money sites. Plus, it provides in-depth coverage of content sharing sites – sites where you can post articles and other content, generating SEO link credit, credibility, and a steady stream of traffic that literally pays benefits for years!

Module 4: Social Networking Sites

Once the user has a firm understanding of successful social media strategies and techniques, the next module delves into the powerful social networking sites like Facebook and other social networking giants. This module teaches how to use those sites to build business without offending your audience and driving them away. It also shows some sweet techniques to gather and steer followers that generates consistent streams of profitable, trusting traffic.

Module 5: Online Video

Online video is a very important tool that has the highest potential to build sales and is covered in full. This module teaches how to quickly and easily create, distribute, and syndicate powerful videos that bring customers to your door ready to do your bidding. It also teaches how to integrate video into other areas of your online marketing to take everything you do to a higher level of performance.

Module 6: Integrating Social Marketing

This module covers the real power of social media marketing by integrating the different tools, strategies and techniques across each of the major social sites, your mobile presence and your sites, blogs, and stores.

This module encapsulates everything learned in the course into a single, integrated whole, that puts you and your message in front of customers wherever they are online and continues that social, participative pattern in your existing web properties. It’s a fitting end to a powerful, results-oriented course.

The program goes live on 22nd of this month July 2010. Before that the public is invited to the pre-opening where they may receive further free information on exactly what the course covers and more in-depth details on the different core modules.

As with any online course, it is easy to give someone the keys to the city but if they do not use them they will never get in. In other words action must be taken to put the imparted theory in to practice and commitment to achieve the success that is desired.

This new social media course will definitely help the serious investor on the way to a fulltime online business; as long as the individual is committed to following through on what is being taught.

You can get more information on Don Crowthers, Social Media Profits here.

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