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VEP Technology: A New Breakthrough in Produced Water Treatment Solutions

VEP Technology: A new breakthrough in Produced Water Treatment solutions F&T Water Solutions is a water treatment solutions company based in Florida. Their new proprietary technology for efficient and successful produced water treatment has been recently launched. Variable Electro Precipitator™ (VEP™) integrated with electro coagulation is used to treat and clean produced water in order […]

The Cryptocurrency Dogecoin Leads the Way on eBay

The Cryptocurrency Dogecoin Leads the Way on eBay

( April 26, 2014 Cryptocurrency sales have taken off big time on eBay thanks to the auction giants recent positive reversal on trading electronic currencies. The Dogecoin is leading the pack and definitely the most popular cryptocurrency offered for sale at this point in time, with multiple denominations of the currency available at various prices. […]

Cryptocurrency Sales Soar on eBay


( April 19, 2014 For those wanting to venture into the fast growing realm of Cryptocurrencies, but not sure how to proceed without spending a fortune, or buying the wrong ones. Now there is good news! They can simply head over to eBay and pick up various Cryptocurrency coins on the cheap by conducting a […]

Business on Line: College Kid Finds $8K in Less Than 24 Hours

Business on Line College Kid Finds $8K in Less Than 24 Hours B

( October 06, 2013 Bryan Spector, a senior college student at the University of Houston, discovered a commission loophole in the online investing world earlier last week. For most of his life, Spector would tell his peers, “One day I will become a millionaire by doing business online” Most of his so-called friends ended up […]

Pawtec Introduces State-of-the-Art ‘Signature Mini Dual USB Car Charger’ Compatible with Apple’s Just Launched iPhone 5s & 5c

pawtec_introduces_state-of-the-art_‘signature_mini_dual_usb_car_charger’_compatible_with_apple’s_just_launched_iphone_5s_&_5c B September 26, 2013 Immediately after the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5s and 5c, Pawtec has announced the official launch of their new car charger designed specifically for the users of iPhone 5s and 5c. Pawtec is a highly preferred destination in the global market for electronic accessories with an astounding range of products that […]

Iain Stewart Hairdressing Releases New Website

iain_stewart_hairdressing_releases_new_website B

( August 05, 2013 Iain Stewart Hairdressing, a renowned name when it comes to specialists in real human hair extensions, today announced the launch of their new website The company is one of the top 20 hairdressers in United Kingdom when it comes to hair extensions and has been in business for over 19 […] Is Introducing The LG1093AA45 Turbine Flame Sensor

dticorp_is_introducing_the_lg1093aa45_turbine_flame_sensor B

Fort Lauderdale, FL – ( July 08, 2013 Popular online HVAC retailer is introducing the LG1093AA45 Turbine Flame Sensor. Industrial power generation gas turbine installations demand the superior protection provided by the Honeywell UV Flame Monitoring System. The Honeywell flame monitor system detects the ultraviolet radiation emitted by a hydrocarbon flame and produces an […]

Why You Should Take Advantage of the Brown Box Formula

why_you_should_take_advantage_of_the_brown_box_formula B

( June 12, 2013 You might not know this, but people love to buy only when you have what they really want. You need to stop chasing your tail and make the most out of Brown Box Formula, a business that literally helps you make thousands of dollars online on a monthly basis. Moreover, it […]

Autodesk Selects Melbourne Australia as the Latest Site for its Clean Tech Partner Program

autodesk_selects_melbourne_australia_as_the_latest_site_for_its_clean_tech_partner_program B

Melbourne, Australia – ( May 02, 2013 US-based 3D design, engineering and entertainment software company Autodesk, recently announced it has gone ahead with an investment in a corporate research and development (R&D) Centre of Excellence in Melbourne to design and develop simulation software for the global market. The decision was part based on the country’s […]

PC Sales Set to Plummet Even Further as Tablets Hit Below the US$100 Mark

PC Sales Set to Plummet Even Further as Tablets Hit Below the US$100 Mark B

( April 20, 2013 As the price barrier between pc’s and tablets grows even wider, the news for consumers can only be positive and eagerly accepted. First there was the announcement this week from Intel CEO Paul Otelini that touch devices are going to soon start appearing at prices as low as $200. With the […]

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