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CryptoCurrency Market Shows Overall Positive Gains


( April 12, 2014 The Cryptocurrency Market saw many positive gains over the past 24 hours with over 100 of these relatively new electronic currencies showing positive movement. The biggest mover in Cryptocurrencies yesterday was the  GPUCoin rising over 273% in 24 hours. That shows confidence in the small Crypto start-up whose market capitalization is […]

Twitter Stocks Close to Double on IPO Debut

twitter_stocks_close_to_double_on_ipo_debut B

( November 07, 2013 The initial public offering of Twitter stocks bolted out of the share market gate yesterday doubling in price before settling down to close at an enviable 73% above the IPO. Twitter stock was initially priced to the public at $26 a share and stated trading on the New York Stock Exchange […]

1.4 Million Eligible Australians Missing From Electoral Roll

1.4 Million Eligible Australians Missing From Electoral Roll B

( July 21, 2013 The Australian Electoral Commission takes a more pro-active approach in finding 1.4 million eligible Australians missing from the electoral roll. The AEC is now going directly to sports fans at stadiums in every Australian capital city over the next two weekends as part of a nationwide effort to help find the […]

Is Gold Rush 2013 For Real? Does it Really Teach You How to Find Gold for the 2003 Price?

Is_gold_rush_2013_for_real_does_it_really_teach_you_how_to_find_gold_for_the_2003_price B

( June 10, 2013 Gold Rush 2013 has been launched to the general public and this exclusive training course will show investors and regular people how to profit from the buying and selling of gold. The course was “developed by successful real estate marketer Preston Ely, and full-time gold and silver trader Matt Wallace, who […]

Strategic Priority Package to Promote Strong Local Governance

Strategic Priority Package to Promote Strong Local Governance B

( May 30, 2013 The Regional Development Australia Far North Queensland and Torres Strait Inc (RDA FNQ&TS) committee will visit Mount Surprise this week to launch its Strong Local Governance Strategic Priority Package (SPP). Details of the key strategies and initiatives of this package that focus on enhancing local government’s Roads Alliance model and expanding […]

First In-text Commerce & Distribution Platform, Dycomb, Launches to Better Monetize Forums & Journals

first_in-text_commerce_&_distribution_platform_dycomb_launches_to_better_monetize_forums_&_journals B

( May 03, 2013 Struggling open source and pay journals such as PLOS, JSTOR, and Elsevier have resorted to subscription pay models and pay per paper submit models to support themselves. Undesirable to patrons and content providers, current business models have been subject to scrutiny and usurpation. Since 2009, in-text advertising monetization solutions have gained […]

Further $100M Venture Capital Funding for Innovative Companies Released

further_100m_venture_capital_funding_for_innovative_companies_released B

Australia – ( April 10, 2013 Austrade recently announced that the Australian Government has issued a fresh round of venture-capital funding to the tune of $100 million as part of its plan to support the nation’s innovation efforts. As part of a Government pledge totalling $350 million for the year 2013, it targets innovative companies […]

Bridging Loans Brokers to Help Find the Best Bridging Loans

bridging_loans_brokers_to_help_find_the_best_bridging_loans B

United Kingdom – ( April 02, 2013 Bridging Loans Brokers is committed to help people who are living in the United Kingdom find the best bridging loans that can meet their financial needs. The company aims to get the best deals for their clients by forming a good working relationship with various short-term lenders, private […]

Passion for Regional Issues Secures Committee Appointments

passion_for_regional_issues_secures_committee_appointments B

QLD, Australia – ( March 19, 2013 The Hon Simon Cream MP, Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government Minister for the Arts in agreement with the Deputy Premier, the Hon Jeff Seeney MP have appointed Dr Felicity Croker and Councillor William (Bill) Shannon to the Far North Queensland and Torres Strait island […]

Why HDFC Home Loans Can Be The Way To Go

why_hdfc_home_loans_can_be_the_way_to_go B

( March 18, 2013 has emerged as a major player in offering reliable and detailed information on HDFC home loans. The company also reviews the latest offerings and provides an unbiased and informative view in detailed form. In addition, the company has a team of experts related to the field who can answer all […]

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