CEO, Irene Wanja Launches King of Advertisement – #1 Marketplace in Africa

( November 23, 2011


CEO, Irene Wanja  Launches King of Advertisement # 1 Marketplace in Africa

CEO, Irene Wanja Launches King of Advertisement # 1 Marketplace in Africa is an advertising website which offers a platform where the buying and selling of goods take place.

The buyers post free adverts on our site and thus we offer quality sevice to our users, in that we speed up their businesses through advertising which makes their products widely known in Africa.

The site does not limit anyone as it promotes all enterpreneurs, be it the large enterpreneurs who have already made it and currently earning millions or even the small medium enterpreneurs who are newbies.

It offers a whole package of buying, selling and hiring of  electrical appliances ,properties, cars, boats, animals, books, cellphones, jewellery, beauty products, furniture, clothes, land, musical instruments, tents.

It also offers a guide on our hotels and tour companies, insurance, loans, weddings and receptions.

It offers a lot and as you have seen the ones listed, I assure you their is even more, in short, the list is endless. which is an African advertising site has today launched its existence as the King of Advertising.

Kirads is currently working under a virtual office.

Its being came into reality when the owners discovered their customers were only catered for in one country and not the whole of Africa.

This discovery steered them to come up with a package that would ensure all customers in Africa were satisfied with buying and selling of goods from within without any difficulties as the platform is already set by Kirads.

“kirads is a site with great potential as it will nurture all the needs of our customers not only in Africa but also worldwide as it will allow the foreigners to get a guide on where to purchase goods from African countries under our provided platform,” says the CEO.

The site is well designed from scratch by one of the best designers in the world and as # 1 market place we provide 24hrs online customer service through our chatbox where the customer interacts with us and we help them to easily manouveur.

The site is easy to understand as it has not been complicated in order to support all customers regardless of IT knowledge.

“The site is fantabulous. I used it in advertising my tour company and I already got returns as people are already contacting me to know more about Kenya and the packages I will offer them when they come,” Caroline Ireri, CEO Legacy Tours and Safaris.

The goods and services in our site are sold and offered at different prizes and charges.

The prizes are listed beside the goods advertised.

The site has put every good and service in its specified category to enable easy access to the users posting the adverts and the users searching for the products to buy.

For additional information contact:



P.O BOX: 28-00518



Tel: 0700369350 is a new site that has emerged recently in order to cater for the upraising needs of customers widely.


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