Cheap Land on the Moon Now Available to Kiwis

Auckland, New Zealand ( November 18, 2012

Cheap Land on the Moon Now Available to Kiwis

Cheap Land on the Moon Now Available to Kiwis

Believe it or not but Kiwis can now purchase claims to LAND ON THE MOON AND MARS for JUST NZ $40/ACRE!

Yes, just $40.00/acre – not $40,000!

These land claims are registered with the United Nations and the American and Russian governments through the “The Lunar Embassy” ( in America, which now has an agent in New Zealand!

These land claims are based on United Nations Outer Space Treaty of 1967, which states that no government or nation can own extra-terrestrial property – or that on other planets.

However, it neglected to mention that individuals and corporations could not own it.

In November 1980, upon spotting this loophole, Dr. Dennis M. Hope (from America) made a Declaration of Ownership of the seven other planets in our solar system along with all their moons and Pluto.

He filed it with the United Nations and the American and Russian governments. Then he established The Lunar Embassy to sell claims to the land under.

Since then it has grown immensely with millions of owners of extra-terrestrial property claims from nearly 200 countries worldwide, including many famous people and celebrities.

They come with their own professionally printed certificates of title (as pictured above) and can be registered in more than one name.

They make the perfect gift item for any occasion (or Christmas, which is just around the corner!) or a unique little investment for the long term!

In fact, those purchased in New Zealand also come with VIRTUAL ONLINE PROPERTIES that can be developed for fun or even profit!

In addition to having a mortgage-free property for a mere NZ $40 it is something that will likely go up in value over time, is trade-able, can be gifted or willed away,  subdivided by 10 times, built on and even has mineral rights!

Lastly, if you purchase more than one for the same planetary body, at the same time, you will receive claims to individual acres of land that are located next to each other.

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