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Bundaberg, QLD, ( February 14, 2012

Your wedding photography isn’t like the other details of your wedding.

Those details last for a day, while the photography lasts for a lifetime.

All of those details; the way your dress swishes on the dance floor, the tear in the groom’s eye as he sees his future wife walking down the aisle.

The taste of that chocolate truffle 12 tiered cake, the clink of the champagne glasses as you toast the night away with friends and loved ones; these things only last mere moments.

Your photographs, your album, will be a constant view into the past.

When you choose the right wedding photographer, looking through your album will bring happy memories of your big day flooding back.

What to look out for you ask?

That’s simple, the following are a few things to look for in your professional wedding photographer.

Personality and lifestyle: Make sure the photographer is someone you get along with, someone you can chat to for hours at a time (because that’s exactly what will end up happening).

You want a photographer who “get’s” you.

If you click with your photographer or not, it will show in your photos.

Their photos: Well, duh. You’ve got to just love their style.

If you see their work and think, gee I’d love a photo of us looking like that, then that’s a good sign.

Photography is like art (and really is art in many cases), if you like the look of a painter’s work then buy one of his paintings.

Their Price and Your Budget: First of all we all understand having a budget, but skimping on your photographer will be the biggest regret of your day.

You don’t have to mortgage your house to pay your photographer, but a good investment will mean years of looking at beautiful photos/album you can be proud of and enjoy looking at.

Experience: Lastly, look for a photographer with AT LEAST 5 years experience shooting weddings.

No a photographer who shoots dogs/cats/babies/kids is not the same as an experienced professional wedding photographer.

Weddings are a whole different kettle of fish and it takes years to hone a wedding photographer’s skill set.

Not doing your research on a potential photographer’s experience could leave you heartbroken.

With all those things in mind, you should be well equipped to find the very best wedding photographer for you.

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