Christian Films – Mystery Man Pilot Will Be Filmed in Memphis, TN

Memphis, TN ( July 20, 2012

Christian Films - Mystery Man Pilot Will be Filmed in Memphis, TN

Christian Films – Mystery Man Pilot Will be Filmed in Memphis, TN

Pastor Eric Patton is a Christian film producer in Memphis, TN.

He filmed and produced his first short movie, Forbidden Love, last year 2011 with no to low-budget funding which he finished successfully.

In a time in our world where people are hurting, discouraged and depressed, we all need some type of encouragement to help us along the way.

With crime rising and the economy in the shape that it’s in, this Christian film will be a breath of fresh air.

The Mystery Man film will be produced in Memphis, TN.

The story evolves around a mysterious man that appears in the lives of people when they are going through tough problems, troubles, and adverse circumstances.

He uses illusions to bring about a spiritual and life changing message.

As soon as he appears he vanishes out of their lives leaving them encouraged, inspired and hopeful.

The Mystery Man pilot will jump-start the Mystery Man series.

Pastor Eric is encouraging everyone who has ever wanted to act in films to also contact him.

He is opening up opportunities for aspiring actors, actresses, singers and dancers to participate in the upcoming series.

“Even if you think you have no acting ability he still wants you to contact him” he says.

In his own words he says “If you have a dream and no money, use what you have and don’t let anything stop you.

When you have a dream, God will cause people to help you complete it.”

The Christian film industry is what Eric is passionate about and he is seeking to produce films that will change lives.

He is now looking for sponsors for his Mystery Man film and would like for those that have an interest in getting involved with wholesome Christian film entertainment to get in touch with him.

The movie trailer for the Mystery Man can be found at the following link:



For those that would like to see his first short film, he has uploaded the complete Forbidden Love movie here:

To participate with this new upcoming project go to the following site for more information:


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