Cold Sore Remedies Answered at, based in Pensacola Florida is a great new web site that can answer many of your questions regarding cold sores, and how to prevent re-occurrence.

Pensacola, Florida, ( June 20, 2012

Cold Sore Remedies Answered at

Cold Sore Remedies Answered at

Cold sores also called fever blisters, which are caused by Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 are reported within the scientific literature to have an incidence rate of 57.7% in the United States.

Due to this wide spread prevalence within the population, more and more people are seeking information about the virus and various treatment options.

Because of this need for public information wants to be a reliable source of information about the disease.

If you or a loved one suffers from cold sores then this is the website you want to visit first to learn more.

The type 1 herpes virus can appear without much notice, but because of the irritation and obviously disfiguring, but thankfully temporary sores you may want to know more about the general phases of the virus’s life cycle to at least provide some reassurance.

Once you are infected, but clear of symptoms you are in what they call the Latent Phase.

During this phase the herpes virus remains dormant, but periodically reactivates to create uncomfortable and unsightly sores usually at the site of the original infection.

The best way to extend this dormant phase, and remain symptom free is by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and boosting your immune system.

It’s not uncommon for the sores to reappear if you are not getting enough sleep, eating poorly, and are under stress, but by taking good care of yourself, it is possible to not have any further attacks.

Recently, it was discovered by scientific investigation that the amino acid L-Lysine could be a valuable weapon in reducing occurrences.

L-Lysine can be obtained by supplementation or directly from the diet and works best in conjunction with Vitamin C, Zinc and various bioflavonoids.

Some of the best sources of L-Lysine come from natural food sources such as vegetables, fish, chicken, cheese, beans and milk.

It is common to sense the onset of the herpes virus when you feel tingling, itching and some localized swelling begins in the lip area.

This stage is called the Inflammation stage. Eventually, tiny blister(s) will occur, and this is when the virus can spread to other areas, so you must not scratch or poke the forming sore.

After a few days have passed, the blisters will break and become open sores.

This stage is called the open sore stage, and soon thereafter the sore will develop a painful crusty scab.

It’s important during this phase to use some kind of ointment or natural topical remedy to aid with the healing process. has great information discussing this in detail.

Soon the final stage begins and this is called the healing phase.

During this time the blister starts to shrink, and pain and itching will lessen.

If you’ve used a remedy the healing phase usually goes much faster, but fortunately in a few days, barring any complications it will heal.

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