Crisis in GCSE Maths Teaching

UK – ( October 13, 2012

Crisis in GCSE Maths Teaching

Crisis in GCSE Maths Teaching

A little extra help is often all that’s needed when it comes to learning maths.

Math is probably the hardest subject in school, which means getting some extra help is nothing to be ashamed of.

At Top Grade Tutoring, Steven Britton and his staff are helping students in Halesowen, Stoubridge and Dudley get past math difficulties and earn better grades in school.

“Maths is an increasingly important part of an education and a strong indicator of success.

Today’s top jobs, in science and the various engineering branches, require a solid foundation in mathematics,” Mr. Britton said. “These are also the areas where the most jobs are located.”

Even if a person doesn’t plan to enter a maths-dependent career, strong maths skills are still needed for a well paying job and to get along into today’s world.

UK Education Secretary Michael Gove has asked schools to put a special emphasis on maths to train today’s UK students for the world they are about to enter.

“The UK school system does a great job of educating our students. But, teachers cannot give students the individual and specialized attention they sometimes need in a classroom,” Mr. Britton said. “That’s where a tutor comes in. The tutor works one-on-one and can concentrate on problem areas.”

Top Grade tutors meet with students in the student’s home, which is added security and lets parents know exactly what is going on.

All the tutoring follows the national curriculum and what the student is being taught in school.

“Tutoring is reinforcing and extra help,” Mr. Britton said.

“We’re not introducing new concepts. That is for the schools to do. We’re making sure already presented information is fully understood.”

At present Top Grade only offers tutoring in maths.

Tutoring Fees vary. A full schedule of the fees is available at the website.

For more information call 0121 501 3397 or visit



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