Crum & Associates Residential Group Shows How to Do a Short Sale

( November 17, 2011

Crum & Associates Residential Group Shows How to Do a Short Sale

Crum & Associates Residential Group Shows How to Do a Short Sale


Seeing to the fact that the rocking economy, and unforeseen circumstances leading to poor decisions made in buying or selling real estate assets, can lead to a stale credit score, the ‘Crum & Associates Residential Group’ is helping its long line of clients for over 4 years through the short sale process.


The Californian Company is widely recognized for staying on top of the banking and mortgage industry through the process of short sale.

With a staggering 98% success rate and a solid portfolio up its sleeves, ‘Crum & Associates Residential Group’ takes pride in its unique short selling procedure as it has been deemed a viable alternative to foreclosure.

To learn more about short sales, available agents or brokers, and for any other general information, head over to ‘Crum & Associates Residential Group’ at immediately.

The Significance of Short Sale vs Foreclosure at ‘Crum & Associates Residential Group’:

Since statistics and information from legit sources has proven short sale procedures to be a viable alternative to foreclosures and receiving a low credit score, ‘Crum & Associates Residential Group’ has been rendering its services for distressed real estate owners all over Southern California.

All thanks to its impeccable work ethics, the company feels obligated to provide quality services to its clients, since the economy had a major role to play in their dilemmas.

With tons of short sale approvals to add to its portfolio, ‘Crum & Associates Residential Group’ provides numerous perks and benefits to its clients for using its short sale services:

  • It only takes one phone call to get ‘Crum & Associates Residential Group’ at the clients’ residency. The company’s services are free because its experts charge lenders instead of the other way around.
  • In association with New California laws, ‘Crum & Associates Residential Group’ tends to make the short sale process easier and hassle free for its clients, through added protection to home owners.
  • Ramon Crum, the company’s number one broker and owner was featured in June 30th and August 04th 2011 issues of the ‘Long Beach Post’ for his outstanding services and magnanimous proficiency in short selling.
  • Homeowners are not required to make mortgage payments in the middle of a short sales process. Let Ramon and his colleagues take care of all the hassle, while letting the client’s side skip the payments IF, and only IF, he/she can’t truly afford to pay.

In addition to providing above benefits to its short sale category clients, ‘Crum & Associates Residential Group’ is regarded as an icon in the industry.

From writing a client’s very first short sale letter, to providing all kinds of information about short selling at its website, everything is available on the company’s official webpages.

For more details about short sales statistics, document submissions, Short Sale FAQS, or any other general queries, head over to today.

About ‘Crum & Associates Residential Group’:

“Crum & Associates Residential Group has served Southern California distressed homeowners with short selling their homes since 2007.

And we have a 98% success rate with short sale approvals.  We are experts in the foreclosure process, and will give you honest answers to your questions” – (


Crum & Associates Residential Group



Phone No: (562) – 881 – 4985

Address: Crum & Associates Residential Group

235 E Broadway Suite 324,

Long Beach, CA  90802


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