CryptoCurrency Market Shows Overall Positive Gains

( April 12, 2014


CryptoCurrency Market Shows Overall Positive Gains

The Cryptocurrency Market saw many positive gains over the past 24 hours with over 100 of these relatively new electronic currencies showing positive movement.

The biggest mover in Cryptocurrencies yesterday was the  GPUCoin rising over 273% in 24 hours. That shows confidence in the small Crypto start-up whose market capitalization is currently sitting at $81,013.

The GPUCoin is backed by a LLC registered in the state of Virginia, USA. The company has a dedicated store front that sells graphics cards for GPU Coins.

The Top Ten Cryptocurrencies with postive gains for the day were:

GPUCoin – +273.99%

KarpelesCoin – +213.49 %

Bitleu – +184.37 %

GermanyCoin – +167.86 %

Bones – +104.09 %

EBTCoin – +87.73 %

Zetacoin – +54.09 %

Particle – +50.73 %

Colossuscoin – +49.08 %

Elacoin – +48.17 %

The Top 5 Movers in Negative gains were:

Ghostcoins –  -100.00 %

Karmacoin –  -35.99 %

SmartCoin –  -35.66 %

Murraycoin –  -32.84 %

Electronic Gulden –  -22.06 %

As this new form of electronic currency quickly grows through global acceptance, it is becoming part of the norm to see great percentage spikes in either direction as traders take their profits and cut their losses.

The trading platforms for these volatile Cryptocurrencies constantly astonish many traders who continue to see massive gains in a very short time.

Percentage gains of 3000% or more within hours is nothing new in the wild west frontier of Cryptocurrency trades.

While many people are still pondering over what a Bitcoin is and the majority of the world’s population has not even heard the word Cryptocurrency.

Those savvy enough to jump on-board this fledgeling behemoth are seeing gains beyond their wildest dreams.

As has been played out many times in history, the few in the know prosper, while the majority linger behind and pick-up the breadcrumbs left by those who went before.

There are many reports of millionaires being created overnight thanks to this fast growing and volatile market.

Cryptocurrencies are now starting to become daily news as more and more people and institutions start to become aware of this fast growing phenomenon.

Governments around the world can no longer ignore this new medium of electronic currency and are quickly starting to move towards accepting it with some countries already producing their own unique cryptocurrency.

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