Cryptocurrency Sales Soar on eBay

( April 19, 2014

Crypto Currencies Sales Soar on eBay

Crypto Currencies Sales Soar on eBay

For those wanting to venture into the fast growing realm of Cryptocurrencies, but not sure how to proceed without spending a fortune, or buying the wrong ones.

Now there is good news!

They can simply head over to eBay and pick up various Cryptocurrency coins on the cheap by conducting a search for the following keywords to return some great and varied results.


crypto coin


crypto currency (using the space between the two words will bring up different results)

dogecoin (the 5th most traded cryptocurrency in the world and a definite contender)

Make sure to click Worldwide in the item location, as it will bring up a greater range of results with even cheaper pricing.

It does depend on where you live and the price of your local dollar compared to other countries, as to how cheaply you can purchase these Cryptocoins.

Picking up a million cryptocoins for around 2-5 dollars is quite common and possibly a great investment for the future.

No-one knows for sure which will be the next Cryptocurrency to shoot to the heavens in price value like Bitcoin did.

There are now hundreds available and more coming online day by day.

Briefly studying the Cryptocurrency trading markets will give you a good indicator of what is moving and growing in market capitalization compared to others.

Searching for Cryptocurrency in Google News will also return some great results for those wishing to get more news related background on the subject.

A good rule of thumb is: Don’t buy If it is not listed and actively being traded on the Cryptocurrency markets yet.

Concentrate on picking up those that are being traded daily as cheaply as possible.

One of the popular Cryptocurrency trading platforms is

They summarize over 200 Cryptocurrencies from 613 markets.

You can see the latest price movements over the past 24 hours and organize the Crypto charts by: positive/negative movement, market capitalization, most popular, by name, by price and available supply, plus more.

Bitcoins topped the scale in value on 17 November 2013 at US$1216.73.

Not bad for a cryptocurrency that was given away for free at its inception back in 2008. Imagine owning a few hundred thousand of those as many people did at the time.

Quite a few millionaires have been created overnight thanks to the exciting and increasingly volatile world of Cryptocurrencies.

While many have now heard of the Cryptocurrency Bitcoin due to its meteoric rise as the number one Cryptocoin in the world, there are many up and coming contenders for the top position.

The top 5 Cryptocurrencies currently being traded are:

1. Bitcoin

2. Litecoin




No one definitely knows which will be the next Cryptocoin to shoot for the stars in value.

But the well worn and proven saying still stands true.

Those who jump onboard the wagon first will reap the wild rewards, while the rest who come along later will pick up the breadcrumbs.

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