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( November 02, 2012 The World’s First Complete Global Business Directory The World’s First Complete Global Business Directory

The exponential growth of the internet has come to present a rich environment for international business opportunities and communication.

While internet super powers such as Google, Yahoo, and Facebook breached international and multicultural boundaries to take full advantage of these expanding global markets, no business to business or business directory site had attained such worldwide integration. has filled this void by becoming the world’s first complete global business directory.

Cybo offers search capabilities as well as listings in 30 different languages and 240 countries.

This variability in languages and location allows businesses and consumers to penetrate markets outside of their current borders.

In this international platform businesses are able to search, share, and communicate their business presence and build valuable industry relationships worldwide.

As the internet provides access to a new wealth of information on businesses and how to contact them, Cybo has dedicated the time and effort to consolidate this valuable information into a user friendly database.

Cybo serves as a necessary catalyst in international business affairs.

Through Cybo’s simple interface users are able to easily navigate through the site to locate a business listing that meets their needs.

The site is easy for both business to consumer and business to business interactions and Cybo’s search versatility is undeniable.

The site is used for searches by consumers such as finding the phone number of your local vet, the location of a restaurant in town, or information about accommodations for international travel.

Cybo is also used by businesses to build and maintain relationships with other businesses and to expand their target audiences.

By not establishing a strictly consumer or strictly business customer base Cybo serves as a resource for anyone who is in need of Cybo can dedicate its continuous growth to the company’s adopted “do no evil” strategy.

On Cybo you will find quality listings that accurately portray businesses, business locations, and business contact information.

For the benefit of users and businesses Cybo 100% free with no obnoxious advertising present on any of the site pages. began development with the humble beginnings of a blank web page. In the past year Cybo has grown to become the largest and fastest growing international business directory in the world.

The growth of Cybo continues as business listings are continuously added into the database and new features such as reverse phone lookup and ability to claim a business page are soon to come.

Cybo is a tool that has become essential to international business and as the site continues to expand the businesses world should take note of the valuable business opportunities that offers.



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