Cycling Safely All The Way With My Cycle Shop

UK ( November 02, 2011

Cycling Safely All The Way With My Cycle Shop

Cycling Safely All The Way With My Cycle Shop

Here at My Cycle Shop, we take our cycling very seriously.

One of the first considerations is always safety.

Staying safe whilst cycling is paramount! In this short article we will have a look at a few of the basic requirements to help you or your children stay safe.

There are many cool bike helmets and they come in all shapes and sizes and everyone who enjoys riding their bike should always wear one.

It’s a very important safety feature that can prevent injury and possibly save your life.

Bicycling is an extremely healthy form of exercise and being safe during your ride is part of bicycling responsibility.

It’s very important to make sure when you’re riding on the street or in traffic that you stay in the bike lane.

For children, it’s always best to stay on the path. Path riding is the safest way to ride a bike when you’re in the comfort of your own neighbourhood.

So by wearing one of the many cool bike helmets should be part of your bicycling gear.

Your entire bicycling outfit should consist of a bike helmet, high visibility clothing such as a hi vis cycle jacket or at least wear clothes with some reflective tape incorporated.

A pair of waterproof cycling gloves can be worn during the colder winter months for additional comfort.

These are padded and will help to protect the fingers and hands from scrapes.

Bicycling is fun and good for you, but you want to make sure you do it safely and with consideration for everyone else on the road as well.

My Cycle Shop Tip: Make sure your shoes are tied tightly and the shoe laces aren’t dangling because they can get caught up in your pedals or chain very easily and that could cause you to have an accident.

Better still invest in some proper cycling shoes or boots.

These will be more comfy to wear and because of their design, will help improve your performance due to the stiffness of the sole which in turn allows for a more efficient transfer of power to the pedals.

Make sure your clothing fits well and is not loose or rubbing up against any part of the bike where it may become snagged.

Before you head out for your bike ride you need to make sure that your bike is properly maintained.

Check the air in the tyres to see if they’re inflated to the correct pressure for your specific tires.

Check that the chain and all other necessary parts of the bike are well oiled and functioning smoothly and make sure that everything is tight.

Adjust the seat and handle bars so that they are at the best levels for your own height, weight, and comfort.

You can find and compare prices on thousands of great quality cycling safety equipment at from the most trusted retailers; My Cycle Shop gives you all of the advantages of comparison shopping which saves you time and money.


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