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Larry King Stepping Out for the Last Time

Larry King quits

With his 25th anniversary behind him and a chart breaking 50,000 interviews under his belt, Larry King has finally decided to quit his famous show and “try other things” as he put it. Larry’s decision came after many circulating stories and months of media speculation concerning spiralling ratings. The talk show host swears it had […]

Insurance Not Available for All Gulf Hurricane Victims

Gulf of Mexico Hurricane Alex

The residents of the Gulf are battening down the hatches and desperately preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Alex. After causing havoc at the northern end of the Gulf where the BP Deepwater Horizon site was being hit with up to twelve foot waves and stalling the clean up process, hurricane Alex is now moving […]

Sandra Bullock is Finally Free Divorce is Final


In what has been termed a very quick divorce, Sandra bullocks divorce was finalized within 2 months of the application being lodged. Those that wish her well will undoubtedly see this as a great step forward in her personal life. This will enable the Academy Award star to put the recent past events behind her […]

Wake Up! Russian Spies Under U.S. Beds


Many Americans must be wondering what the heck is going on today. Did someone re-start the Cold War and not tell anyone. It had supposedly ended in 1989 with the dismantling of the Berlin Wall. Well anyway that’s what history tells us. What started off as just another seemingly ordinary Monday has quickly escalated into […]

DNA Profiling Links Even More Human Genes to Diabetes and Disease


Scientists have known for quite a while that type 2 diabetes is predisposed towards environmental factors such as obesity and diets. In more recent times with the advent of DNA research it is slowly becoming apparent to scientist’s that these environmental factors could quite possibly only account for one part of the overall make-up of […]

G20 Violence on the Rise as Protesters Create Havoc


The G20 Summit’s media focus has once again succumbed to the actions of a few over the will of the majority. It has been marred by members of the public who are more inclined to display their differences in opinion by the use of violence as a first resort rather than the almost inevitable last […]

New Evidence Suggests the Oil Spill in the Gulf Could only be the Beginning


Could it be true that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is only the beginning of what is being touted as possibly the worst possible natural disaster known to man? New evidence was unearthed during the week by U.S. scientists that indicate the warnings which surfaced as long as a year before the […]

G20 Summit Discussions Full Steam Ahead to Rebuild World Economies


The leaders of the G20 summit are involved in intense talks as they try to steer the plethora of economic arguments into one unified position that will take immediate and positive action to help kick start the world’s economies. The focus was on fundamental near to midterm objectives, with the main arguments involving whether to […]

Gulf Oil Spill Robots to Clumsy for Job


The remote operated vehicles (underwater robots) being used by BP are growing so fast in numbers that they are in danger of colliding with each other and the well cap itself. There are approximately 15 of these metallic submersibles weighing up to 4 tons each, that are being remotely controlled by Hi-tech surface ships. These […]

Shock & Horror too Much Salt is Bad for You!


Once again salt and how much we consume of this common household spice has hit the headlines. We are informed over and over that too much salt is detrimental to our health when eaten in copious amounts. Salt is a serious contributor to the likely increase of blood pressure and which in turn has been […]

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